8 Letters - Why Don’t We Lyrics

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018
  • Make sure you guys pre order their FIRST album coming out on august 31st!!


  • prettymuchneoculture
    prettymuchneoculture  a years ago +1128

    Corbyn’s voice gets me every song.
    (Edit: I’m glad everyone agrees)

  • Aleena Fox
    Aleena Fox  a years ago +465

    I'm so glad corbyn is perf again after surgery
    Every like =1 life for corbyn🖤💜💙💛💚

  • Lovelyy_Imaginez
    Lovelyy_Imaginez  a years ago +435

    8 letters
    3 words
    1 meaning
    Does it mean their album comes out in 8 / 31?
    edit Oof wow I never get this many likes on one comment :0

  • keira joslyn
    keira joslyn  a years ago +538

    no it’s: i’ve said those words before but it was a lie

  • Angla 000
    Angla 000  11 months ago +165

    I am already falling in too deep and can't choose between all the songs because it's too hard and i am already going to talk to all my friends about the 8 letters album because i am hooked . :))

  • Why Don't We - Canada
    Why Don't We - Canada  a years ago +783

    letting you all know prior to watching this video, i may have gotten zachs line “ive said the words before but it wasnt love”, it may also be “it was a lie” the boys always have a line in every song thats controversial based off what people hear lmao. at first i heard “it was a lie” but double checked on genius lyrics, knowing that theyre known for how they mess up lyrics hahah. i think i got jacks wrong too! so sorry guys. i shouldve known better but just letting u all know! hope u enjoy ♥️

  • Lana Nawaiseh
    Lana Nawaiseh  a years ago +159

    Corbyn's voice is just so angelic💗

  • Melissa Gillespie
    Melissa Gillespie  a years ago +193

    I've been listening to this all day....CORBYNNN.. his voice is so good in this

  • limelight edits
    limelight edits  a years ago +196

    jack and corbyns part

  • YouTube for life YouTube for life

    Daniels part is my favs but I love them all still. This song is so sad like i cried the bit when Jack part came in.

  • Jezebel.A Garcia
    Jezebel.A Garcia  a years ago +209

    Corbyn's vocals on point 😌❤

  • one perfect show only on utube

    First time in all my life they let Jonah sing first I'm shocked !!!!

  • fuck you
    fuck you  a years ago +20

    ok here is my opinion i was legit just having a huge panic attack hyperventilating and crying and i turned this on and it immediately got better and idk what to say it’s just i started crying bc of how much i love this song and the boys they make me laugh when i don’t want to and i’m just in love and i think it is one of the most brilliant and amazing songs that they have ever written and i really think that these boys will go far and now i look back and listen to my fav song song of theirs which is taking u and see how much they have grown in voice and how they have changed ( in a good way) and i am just speechless and i hope that everybody soon will know them❤️ #limelight

  • Unicorn Master
    Unicorn Master  a years ago +45

    I’m shook by corbyn’s vocals 😶

  • zeynep cries for cameron

    I think ı broke the replay button

  • Dat Random Slytherin
    Dat Random Slytherin  11 months ago +23

    Corbyn 😍
    Jack 😍
    Jonah 😍
    A boy at my school looks just like Jonah. I'm not kidding.

  • Lien Griffin
    Lien Griffin  a years ago +19

    My beans are growing up so fast and becoming more populair and I'm not ready for it tjrndbe

  • crystal duff
    crystal duff  a years ago +22

    Has everyone forgot about the book because I have😅

  • boxma'am 70
    boxma'am 70  a years ago +50


  • Jandra Paplia
    Jandra Paplia  a years ago +226

    Zach's vocice is omg... Imma die...😘😔