Khal Drogo's Ghost Dojo - SNL

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 8, 2018


  • PunkExMachina
    PunkExMachina  8 months ago +1606

    They really wasted Jason Momoa on this lazy skit.....

  • OneMeanArtist
    OneMeanArtist  4 months ago +342

    You wasted a golden opportunity with Jason Momoa. Shame... Shame... Shame...

  • dubnstuf
    dubnstuf  8 months ago +382

    Nice costumes, try and write some jokes for the next one.

  • Orangutan James
    Orangutan James  8 months ago +524

    I really like Jason Momoa, but that was terrible...

  • Moon Tide
    Moon Tide  8 months ago +673

    I wish that was funny so I could laugh

  • Alana Zarin
    Alana Zarin  8 months ago +90

    OKay, it was not funny, but it WAS a chance to just look at Kahl Drogo for a few minutes, so I have to say I enjoyed it.

  • Rocky Baier
    Rocky Baier  8 months ago +197

    "He's the worst and everybody's glad he's dead" that would be Ramsay Bolton

  • M. Wong
    M. Wong  8 months ago +146

    The only thing I liked about this skit was watching Jason speak in Dothraki in costume for the first minute. The rest is expected SNL comedic failure.

  • Et
    Et  8 months ago +1830

    "I am about to kill you again, Justin Bieber " lol

  • Joe Joseph
    Joe Joseph  8 months ago +52

    Absolutely horrid skit, but any chance to see Jason Momoa shirtless is a good one.

  • sheh bleh
    sheh bleh  8 months ago +242

    I can't be the only one cringing

  • The Asian Mai Show
    The Asian Mai Show  8 months ago +37

    Pete Davidson's balding wig tho 😂🤣😂

  • Christopher Seitz
    Christopher Seitz  8 months ago +30

    Remember that time Adam Driver came back to play Kylo Ren on SNL? That was pretty funny.

  • surinai4214
    surinai4214  8 months ago +1718

    Kate McKinnon is the perfect Joffery

  • Teaf
    Teaf  8 months ago +11

    They should have pulled a Maury paternity test moment 😂😂
    Robert Baratheon.. you are.. NOT the Father!!!!

  • brad cooper
    brad cooper  8 months ago +339

    This is... the worst attempt at comedy I have ever seen. So cringe. I honestly believe a 4 year could make something funnier

  • S F
    S F  8 months ago +20

    khal on the wall was the only joke that made me laugh...the rest was just meh.

  • CazMatazz
    CazMatazz  8 months ago +21

    I liked the part at the end where it turned into Dr. Phil. They should have done the whole sketch based on that.

  • Daniel Romero
    Daniel Romero  8 months ago +2844

    "you ruined my potato sack" lmao 😂

  • Canais Young
    Canais Young  3 months ago +6

    Why is everyone bugging on this being a bad sketch? Like SNL has never had any in the 40+ years it's been on the air and this is the first time. Oh, what a tragedy.