Kyoto Japan Street Food Tour! Nishiki Market

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 23, 2017
  • I'm in Kyoto Japan exploring the popular Nishiki Market for some delicious street food.►Subscribe for more videos about food!★↓FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA!↓★Facebook Show Page: Mike Fan Page: MikeychenxPeriscope: MikexingchenSend stuff at our PO Box!Mike Chen PO Box 610, Middletown, NY 10940Get tickets to the best show on earth!!!


  • HeHoZy
    HeHoZy  2 years ago +801

    This channel is probably the best thing that has ever happened to humanity.

  • Artzie Music
    Artzie Music  2 years ago +538

    i want to visit japan so badly

  • Erin Bell
    Erin Bell  2 years ago +503

    You know Mikey, you don't pick the chopsticks; the chopsticks pick you ;-)

  • Commander Jameson
    Commander Jameson  2 years ago +127

    Japan is for food fans always a must see. It´s a meat lover paradise, a seafood paradise, noodle-paradise , vegetarian paradise, dessert paradise, snack paradise,............and much much more...

  • Mama Lipster
    Mama Lipster  2 years ago +569

    The mochi tangerine ball at the start looked amazing!

  • XIIILegend
    XIIILegend  2 years ago +407

    Mike everytime i grab a meal I always load up one of your videos, I never eat without you!

  • AlanXD
    AlanXD  2 years ago +146

    Absolutely fantastic, I love how you're fine when filming in public and not afraid of what people think of you. I've been watching a year but never commented but seriously watching you eat is fun to watch because I'm learning and at the same time you're entertaining. Love all of your channels! keep the good work up! 2017 is your year.

  • jasmine
    jasmine  2 years ago +321

    You should get a show on TV!

  • sacred warrior
    sacred warrior  2 years ago +155

    personalized chopsticks? dream of every Asian

  • KinaestheticDmaw
    KinaestheticDmaw  2 years ago +39

    All that and you missed that one stand that was selling all of those fried vegetables and breads. That place had an utterly spectacular curry/potato/green onion fried bread that I can actually say was one of the single best things I've ever eaten in Japan. And I've had the pleasure of eating a lot of good, high-end restaurants over there.

  • DasOmen02
    DasOmen02  2 years ago +99

    How much did the personalized chopsticks cost, if you don't mind me asking? I really want a pair if I'm ever in Kyoto haha

  • missbering
    missbering  2 years ago +75

    Does he travel alone? I wonder who films him when he eats 🤔

  • kipo808 Hawaii
    kipo808 Hawaii  2 years ago +74

    How can u not love this guy!!Awesome videos and charismatic personality..

  • _Roseeee
    _Roseeee  2 years ago +60

    I love your street market videos I always get hungry though (x

  • Natasha Domingo
    Natasha Domingo  2 years ago +65

    The English name too that anime is called Assassination Classroom and it's so good

  • stvsueoka1
    stvsueoka1  2 years ago +16

    The pop-culture references this episode were on fire!

  • Allie NotRidgeway
    Allie NotRidgeway  2 years ago +16

    "I want to rub it all over my body."

  • Sammy Rhee Rhee
    Sammy Rhee Rhee  2 years ago +73

    can't wait to see where u r going next

  • Kakibot
    Kakibot  2 years ago +20

    Had carrot gelato before and it was delicious! Spinach one sounds a bit questionable though -__-

  • Skulltruck08
    Skulltruck08  2 years ago +68

    Great video as usual! This is the best food channel I've seen so far on youtube.