Cops said I bought a STOLEN car!!! Here's the story...

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 14, 2019
  • The cops blocked my wife in the drive way and said our car was stolen. In this video I explain the whole ordeal and how everything went down. Feel free to check out some of my other videos, this is going to be an awesome year for my cars! As always thank you guys so much for the support! Can't say that enough, and SHARE this as much as possible, lets see if we can get it to go viral lol. That would be awesome!follow me on instagram as well @sixgunsled


  • boyce1204
    boyce1204  6 months ago +184

    The ECU VIN being different only means the ECU was replaced

  • Richard T
    Richard T  6 months ago +84

    Here's a story for you as well. I left my pickup at a dealership to have the transmission repaired and to do the 60k service. They said it would be done in 3 days or so. Third day I call and ask the status of the repairs. They tell me that they're waiting for some parts they didn't have on hand and that the work should be done by next Monday. So that's 3 days plus another 5 days I would have to wait. So now that will be 8 days instead of 3. I'm irritated since I have a rental and now my out of pocket has gone way up. I also need to get a small toolbox I have in my truck at the dealership (we are building some shelving at the house). So I go to the dealership on the 4th day to get my tools out of the truck. They tell me that they'll get someone to get the tools for me. I told them that's OK I'll just walk to where my truck is since I have the spare keys. The guys tell me to hold on because the shop manager wants to talk to me. I ask them what's going on. They won't talk so I start walking to my truck and when I get to the back I see it under a drop cloth. I pull back the cloth and the whole front end is destroyed. Radiator is pancaked against the engine. I find out that when they repaired my truck they ran into a brand new van that was being test driven. They destroyed both vehicles. So back to your point.... there you go. In my case, I ended up with a new truck and they even paid off the rental. Dealerships do some sketchy crap.

  • Truck Central
    Truck Central  7 months ago +116

    🤔 Carpet in the trunk... bet they find the 17 at the bottom of a lake!!

  • rosskie320
    rosskie320  6 months ago +47

    The 2017 was a parts car. Sold out for parts from an auction most likely

  • Prestans 6.2 litre Hooning

    My uncles got one here in Australia but it's a bit different it's called a vf ssv or you can call them a redline it's a 2016 ls3 6.2litre v8

  • actorzone
    actorzone  6 months ago +2

    In Australia if you car is "Insured" and its involved in a collision the insurance company has it assessed, if it comes back and the insurance payout is lower than the cost of repairs the owner get paid out, the cars VIN gets suspended in the transport registration system subject to assessment either statutory written off or repairable damage , if you want that VIN reinstated you have to pass the 3 inspections, The VIN on the body is the VIN for the car not whats in the ECU, obviously it was "not insured", it was a private sale, private sales do not get registered in the transport system as no-one knows about it and does not have to have 3 inspections, the VIN can be checked on your computer to see if its stolen, when you buy private you must have the original registration papers signed over to you at the time of sale so you then have the legal title for the car, plus when buying insist on a sales docket.

  • Bad Drivers Of The Illawarra

    Need a Holden airbag to match the exterior badging.
    Looks fantastic, just a shame its caused so much trouble :P

  • ZB classic vehicles
    ZB classic vehicles  7 months ago +22

    I’ve never heard that a car with miss matched vins was a more than likely stolen vehicle. I’ve got several cars cars like that because they were repaired off junked cars. My trans am is a 95 but the front clip was swapped to an ls1 style

  • lesandpenny
    lesandpenny  7 months ago +26

    I hate to hear went a SS has been wreaked. We only got a few in the US sucks to lose a 17’ but a 15’ lives on..

  • poonacorn
    poonacorn  6 months ago +7

    He bought the car back and repaired it before the 30 days came in on the new total loss claim.
    People do this all the time, it usually takes 30 days before the cars claimed as totaled by the insurance company.
    If you can fix the car within that 30 days and sell it, you'll be using the cars clean title to make the sale because the total loss paperwork hasn't cleared through the insurance company and DMV.
    If you own the car outright and total it and have no gap insurance, this is the hard way out. IE I paid 30 grand cash for the car...title is in my hands, car gets totaled, insurance is going to give me 20 grand for it...fix it up and sell it within 30 days before the clean title you have is void.

  • controversial scorpion
    controversial scorpion  3 months ago +7

    sounds to me like the cops where this guy lives are broke and just want his car to sell at the next police auction

  • Marcus Mendoza
    Marcus Mendoza  7 months ago +7

    I’d sell it to be totally honest sounds like a sketchy situation

  • Bruce Gochenour
    Bruce Gochenour  7 months ago +11

    it "fell off the back of a truck" typical story. lol

  • Tim NJ
    Tim NJ  6 months ago +5

    What if it was just an accident that required new parts and 2017 is what was found local?......

  • Kevin Mollet
    Kevin Mollet  6 months ago +8

    Assuming you have full coverage insurance on the vehicle... My brother ran through a similar situation a long time ago when he purchased a Tahoe. Turns out the vin was swapped and was ultimately considered a stolen vehicle and was returned to the rightful owner. As my brother had a loan on the Tahoe, he had to carry full coverage insurance. Ultimately, the insurance company paid off the loan for the vehicle plus the four or so months of payments he made on the loan. I would check with you insurance agent to verify. My guess is they would be required to cover the balance of the loan.

  • El South Side
    El South Side  7 months ago +4

    Weird shit. My car got totaled. But State Farm let me keep a clean and clear title due to the car being “super clean” after it was totaled lol

  • Speed Demon
    Speed Demon  6 months ago +2

    I've seen that car in the area too. Had no idea the owner was a YouTuber. I'm subing can wait to see more content. 🇺🇸💪🤙Thank you for your service!!!!

  • Brandon Ruhl
    Brandon Ruhl  6 months ago +5

    Front end crash= damaged ecu. Extremely common.

  • Red SS
    Red SS  7 months ago +2

    Wow man, good luck. I hope it all works out! 🤞🏼

  • Houston Kilby
    Houston Kilby  6 months ago +1

    Dang brother video just went viral !!