Cops said I bought a STOLEN car!!! Here's the story...

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 14, 2019
  • The cops blocked my wife in the drive way and said our car was stolen. In this video I explain the whole ordeal and how everything went down. Feel free to check out some of my other videos, this is going to be an awesome year for my cars! As always thank you guys so much for the support! Can't say that enough, and SHARE this as much as possible, lets see if we can get it to go viral lol. That would be awesome!

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  • Fujimandkim Yates
    Fujimandkim Yates  a months ago

    The car title was what some people called washed.
    You can take a salvage get it inspected get it registered.
    It will have a branded title.
    Take the same car have a mechanic's lien or have a tow yard sale Lien .
    It runs it back through the system but will not show as salvage.
    As far as two different vin IDs if you change the computers will be different.
    computers.... you have to have salvaged or used computers vin's changed to the specific car you're putting them in.
    And as far as the car only showing up on the transporter.
    I have seen several cars on transporters insurance companies will pay for the cars outright and then sell them.....
    I've seen cars flipped coming off transporters I seen a dually truck one time coming off a rail car flipped on its side...
    Good luck with your situation..
    If you're ever looking at newer carsalways remember to bring your OBD II scanner to check the VIN on the computer and compare it to the one on the door or the windshield

  • Lynn Dornan
    Lynn Dornan  a months ago

    I had a 1965 Corvette coupe that was stolen and recovered a few months later. The car had been repainted a different color and retagged with a vin tag from a 65 Chevrolet Impala. The police auto theft unit were able to locate the real vin # from one of several secret locations so I got the car back. They gave me a letter from the Chief of Police to verify the correct vin and never had a problem selling it nor did the guy who bought it from me.

  • Lynn Dornan
    Lynn Dornan  a months ago +1

    Jack at determined Veteran said to give your blog look so I did and I think I’ll stick around.

  • Datsun Robertson
    Datsun Robertson  a months ago

    Holden commodore ssv nice

  • Waktosha 73
    Waktosha 73  2 months ago

    If for any reason the police took my car I owed money on, the bank would get stiffed. as much as I value my credit, i would have to have a repo on it!

  • Marc Mcclinchy
    Marc Mcclinchy  3 months ago

    I bought a truck the other day it got towed yesterday and they said it's reported stolen, can I get my stuff back out of it?

    MONGREL CARMODZ  3 months ago

    under the passanger floor underside of the car body is a vin stamped into it

  • dcomputers
    dcomputers  4 months ago

    I saw a similar issue some guy was selling a Lexus ls 430 and was telling me he has the title but his girl friend isnt giving it to them because they broke up and he needs to sell the car. The vin on the car come back as title never was registered and never assigned. Last mileage was showed 0 miles. Which was very odd. This was about 3 or 4 years ago. I decided it re check that vin after 4 years and the records to this day still shows title never was assigned. Not sure what happen or why it's like that

  • David Clough
    David Clough  4 months ago

    If neither vin came back as stolen, they have no right to seize the vehicle. Especially if you and your wife don't have arrest records. They ask, you tell them what you were told before you bought the car. They don't need to seize property to investigate.

  • Black Swan
    Black Swan  4 months ago

    Blah blah blah.
    Why buy a car made with parts from 2 cars in the first place? And from a state far away from where you live?
    And why not get a VIN number search done by someone you know in the police
    AND you give the car to your wife to drive? Did you get a rocket when you went home?

  • Rhys Hubbard
    Rhys Hubbard  4 months ago

    That's not a Chevy sedan, it's a Aussie built Holden Commodore. Yes, it is owned by GM, but it's still built over here in still has the Holden badge on the grill.

  • Shawn E
    Shawn E  4 months ago

    The 17 was probably a flood car from a dealer

  • Pete Urbann
    Pete Urbann  5 months ago

    So I guess the moto is if I buy used go to a Used Car dealer (Car Sense, Car Max)?.

  • ronald mc donald
    ronald mc donald  5 months ago

    Cops try to look smart but many times don't know what they're talking about. If the seller told him it was a salvage title, then what would the seller have to gain by commiting fraud to get a clean title? Those cops were quick to accuse the seller of fraud without knowing the facts. I'm not surprised.

  • Jorge dulanto
    Jorge dulanto  5 months ago

    If the insurance is not involved he is clear and the title is clear so the car is a clear title so the seller is absolutely honest to let u know was in an accident

  • Rosa Leal
    Rosa Leal  5 months ago

    It is a HOLDEN comadore

  • The English Trucker
    The English Trucker  5 months ago

    Junk car. Scrap it and buy an Audi.

  • eduardo Bustillo
    eduardo Bustillo  5 months ago

    We have reason to believe its stolen my ass they didnt even check the VIN numbers before making a bold statement

  • Twisted Grillz
    Twisted Grillz  5 months ago

    I had a incident the same in Virginia. I bought a car, the seller was upfront about the damages and repairs. I registered and tagged it, then police show up. Turns out the Va DMV was at fault for the title mix up. They gave the seller a clear title when they should have made it a salvaged title.

  • Nice Kiwi
    Nice Kiwi  6 months ago

    this was one of the last cars made in Australia. From GM Holden in Victoria.