“We Will Not Be Quiet! Stonewall Was a Riot!”: Queer Liberation March Returns Pride to Radical Roots

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 1, 2019
  • Four million people took to the streets of New York City Sunday in the largest LGBTQ Pride celebration in history. There were two marches to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising that sparked the modern day LGBTQ movement. Revelers marched down Fifth Avenue cheered on by millions for the WorldPride parade. And in Sheridan Square, at the very site where gay and trans people clashed with police on the early morning of June 28, 1969, tens of thousands of activists gathered for the anti-corporate Queer Liberation March. Their chant was “Stonewall was a riot! We will not be quiet!” Democracy Now!’s Tey-Marie Astudillo and Libby Rainey were there in the streets. They spoke to some of the activists who were there in the days of the Stonewall uprising 50 years ago, as well as those who carry on the tradition today, among them Raquel Willis, who recently became the first transgender woman to be executive editor of Out magazine. But we begin with veteran activist and journalist Ann Northrop, co-host of the Free Speech TV show “Gay USA.”


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  • Mish S
    Mish S  2 months ago

    The degenerates live!

  • OneToo Many
    OneToo Many  6 months ago

    This isnt jourmalism because every time one of these fine people say "im still fighting", the interviewer ought to be asking "What rights have you been denied and what oppressions do you face?"

  • kevin desimone
    kevin desimone  6 months ago

    It's not worthy of national tv....if u are a psychologist or psychiatrist andbeni care about these people u should offer them your service these people are mentally ill and desperately need help please if u are in the mental illness field offer your service to the people it's so sad I feel horrible they are going thru this sickness

  • Two Spirit Native
    Two Spirit Native  6 months ago

    BEFORE STONE WALL UPRISING : As Native American citizen of this land i would like to take this opportunity to make a public statement in response to World Pride NYC/Stone Wall 50. Thank you to Heritage of Pride for making sure that our term " TWO SPIRIT" was in the Pride Guide & on the streets in main stream media's.. We would like to thank the Two Spirit Indigenous People's Association ( TSIPA) for all their hard work in making sure that Two spirit people can walk down 5th Ave & Christopher Street safely for our wisdom keepers our Tribal elders who marched 3 miles in World Pride NYC, not Party city Idiots! ( some over 70! Marched we gave thanks to our TwoSpirit elders in their traditional regalia from their own nations, marching with Pride & dignity, with thousands of the Grandmothers & Grandfathers Thank you to all who marched. Happy World Pride! WE DID IT! 500 years of Indigenous undaunted Resistance Thanks to Democracy Now! for live coverage i have spoken AHO! all our relations!

  • Mimi Delphina
    Mimi Delphina  6 months ago +1

    Queer liberation and fully autonomous luxury gay space communism all the way!

  • Papi Elric
    Papi Elric  6 months ago +1

    Hello and support from France.

  • Denis Preedy
    Denis Preedy  6 months ago +2

    What are these people actually pressing for, do they know? When they achieve their ends, will they know? What becomes of human beings when their behaviour becomes the norm? Do they think that nature will accept their view of normality? I think not¬¬!!

  • Sam Bradley
    Sam Bradley  6 months ago +1

    Whenever corporations involve themselves in gatherings of the marginalized peoples, they leave out the real purpose of the gathering, they need to show that they are really committed to what they claim to support. 💰💰💰

  • Sam Bradley
    Sam Bradley  6 months ago

    Corporations should practice what they preach. 🌈💰

  • Sam Bradley
    Sam Bradley  6 months ago +3

    Stonewall lives, the struggle for liberation & acceptance continues. ✊🌈

  • Sam Bradley
    Sam Bradley  6 months ago

    2, maybe 3 Stonewalls!🌈✊

  • Sam Bradley
    Sam Bradley  6 months ago +1

    Stonewall was a Revolution! ✊🌈

  • weirdshibainu
    weirdshibainu  6 months ago

    Congrats queers. You can get married...and be as fucking boring as the rest of society... moving to the burbs. trips to home depot, driving boring cars, worrying about lawn care, and eventually arguing over the dishes when divorce court looms.

  • NYMets73
    NYMets73  6 months ago +3

    No black Gay men or Puerto Rican Gay men were interviewed during this segment. It was obvious that Tey-Marie Austudillo and Libby Rainey went out of their way to exclude Gay men from this segment. Wow shame on Libby and Tey-Marie, for their terrible reporting. This is not what Democracy looks like!

  • sk8queen
    sk8queen  6 months ago +1

    Fxck it up yall! Fxck it uuuup!

  • Bakr York
    Bakr York  6 months ago +8

    Raised in the evangelical Ozarks, now an artist in communist Beijing... ...I'm super proud of my Queer compatriots!

  • TheSquad plus1
    TheSquad plus1  6 months ago +4

    Thank You Democracy Now! 💖💙🧡💚💛💜 I💖NY !!!
    MSM .... Queer Nation has the money honey... get out of the way or do your job.

  • Marcio Moura
    Marcio Moura  6 months ago +6

    Thank you NYC!!

  • Latifah Napier
    Latifah Napier  6 months ago +1

    Chapters 18 and 20 of Leviticus form part of the Holiness code and list prohibited forms of intercourse, including the following verses:

    "You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination." Chapter 18 verse 22[2]
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    The texts are from the Qu'ran edition at Virginia Tech's etext collection.

    SURA IV: 19-21

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    21. And if two (men) of you commit it, then hurt them both; but if they turn again and amend, leave them alone, verily, God is easily turned, compassionate.

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    That’s all I have to remind mankind about what The Creator of the heavens and Earth has warned against........

  • Independence In Mind
    Independence In Mind  6 months ago +1

    Just because stonewall was a riot doesn’t mean we need to riot now. Times are very different and riots are vile and absurd