My First Experience with Copart!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 12, 2019
  • I won my first auction bidding on Copart! This is my experience. I hope that some of you can learn from this, and have a better understanding of what to expect when bidding.Follow me on Instagram : @Driftdaddyz


  • Freddy Wells  5 months ago

    As a 20+ member of Copart and a dealer in Oklahoma, let me give you some helpful advice from experience. Never ever ever raise your bid from when you win the auction. NEVER! The insurance company is not setting that big reserve, it's Copart. They set that big reserve, then counter with an amount close to your winning bid making you think they are really coming down off their reserve to give you a good deal. Absolutely 100% false! They do that to squeeze a customer out of extra money to make their perce...

  • Tekka579  10 days ago

    This is very valuable advice thank you very much for this!

  • MrSoccerluvr4  11 days ago

    It is 100% the sellers setting their reserves. Copart can change them and do counter offers at the request of the seller. But everything is done with seller request or approval.

  • Olexandr Leshchenko  6 months ago

    Your video the first of all which contained clearly calculation how much does Copart car costs. Thanks a lot! I hope your YouTube channel is keep growing!If you need some advice how to edit video, just let me know. Take care! :-)

  • Fuck Elon Musk  6 months ago

    Yeah Copart fees are crazy high

  • Drift Dad  6 months ago

    Olexandr Leshchenko thank you!

  • k fro  4 months ago

    Click bait or not, this was a very informative video great job!!!!!

  • PJ  2 months ago

    don't buy cars like that, I bet you anything some young kid had that and was drifting it and nailed a curb or something. look up what cars kids buy and abuse and stay away from those and also pop the hood and see if someone did a bunch of mods which you also want to stay away from since that could of screwed it up. always check the oil, coolant, and body lines for possible frame damage. if you see milky or super dark oil or crap in the coolant then walk away from it. if you want to buy and sell cars...

  • Juan Cantu  1 months ago

    Wrench everyday Bro, NOT half ASS.

  • Your cover photo says its ruined. What does that mean. Looks like you lied on your cover/thumbnail to get more views.

  • DerRick Marrero  2 months ago

    M Mill good fuck off!

  • M Mill  2 months ago

    @Drift Dad I'm with Michael. It was not ruined and you knew about the automatic transmission when you placed the bid. Using lies for views is just sad and I won't watch another video you post.

  • amor mora  2 months ago

    I barely hear you when you explaining the costs breakdown, and thank you for the info. I am planning to bid too for a project car. Good luck man....

  • muheet  2 months ago

    Thanks for the financial transparency. This a huge eye opener into buying cars from copart.

  • Junior Pierre  2 months ago

    Kudos to you buddy. I found what I was looking for . You rock bro

  • Chuck Douglas  5 months ago

    Here’s the real education here watching guys going to copart and flipping cars you have to understand these guys have been at it for awhile and don’t always relate all of the details behind what they do this makes it looks easy. These guys have performed a lot of due diligence and understand the pitfalls this puts the newbie at a disadvantage because of a lack of knowledge. My advice would be to contact people involved ask questions or pay dearly out of your own pocket for your education.