★ 4K 🇫🇷 la Côte Bleue cab ride, Miramas - Marseille, France [08.2021]

  • Published on:  Saturday, September 18, 2021
  • Welcome to another journey along the coastline of southern France, this time on the famous and scenic Côte Bleue line.
    The line was built as an alternative route to the classic Paris - Marseille line (PLM) from Miramas to L’Estaque. From there, we will be taking a route usually only used by freight trains (with the exception of the Miramas - Marseille service), passing through Marseille's marshalling yard and past the port station.
    One thing I'm impressed with is the number of viaducts, bridges and tunnels that are maintained just to keep the few trains that run here in operation.
    The connection line to the port (1:07:08) has apparently recently been renewed, but has since been closed due to a political decision (see the blockade in place).

    0:00 Preview
    0:55 Map
    1:30 Miramas
    9:36 Istres
    19:51 Fos-sur-Mer
    22:38 Port-de-Bouc
    25:46 Croix-Sainte
    27:44 Martigues
    31:21 Ponteau-St-Pierre
    39:45 Sausset-les-Pins
    43:40 Carry-le-Rouet
    47:44 La Redonne-Ensuès
    52:47 Niolon
    57:03 Le Rove
    1:03:00 L'Estaque
    1:10:37 Marseille Maritime Arenc (Triage)
    1:13:08 Arenc Euromédiérranée
    1:17:30 Marseille-St-Charles

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