Buying the BEST Salvage Cars for CHEAP PT 1: Hidden Damage

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 26, 2017
  • Instagram: SamcraccEmail me: 't get screwed buying junk cars that are doctored up by auction flippers. I'll explain how you can uncover the original damage history and analyze the most important information before you bid on or buy a car at the salvage auction.This video has a lot of details that are imperative you know before bidding on a car at auction. If you are short on time, and want to see why you need to watch this series, forward to 16:50.


  • AutoMotivate  2 years ago

    You need to continue these videos.

  • Samcrac  2 years ago

    I notice I've got a few more hits on this one as of late so I will make a follow up. At first I didn't really see a lot of attention so I thought maybe people didn't like it.

  • H&P Customs  1 years ago

    I bought a custom motorcycle from copart about a year ago. It's value was 45k and I bought it for 13k. It said frame damage and laid over on left side. The frame damage was the license plate tab was tore off frame which was welded on,lol. I tore it apart completely welded a tab on it replaced about 1k in damaged parts and 1800 in paint. After it was done I sold it for 27k. Made a nice profit and had a hell of a time doing it.

  • Michael Owens  7 months ago

    @Robert Mahaney Even scratches on a bike frame can total. The frames are such fragile thin aluminum the insurance company usually takes no risks. So if someone drops a street bike, cracks some plastics, and scuffs the frame a bit. It could be a salvage title thats an easy fix. But bikes with salvage titles are HARD to sell, VERY hard. You could take it for a quick ride and be fine, buy it, and take it down the highway at 80mph, and have it wobble so bad it nearly throws you off. IF you have every ridde...

  • 6suave9  7 months ago

    If frame was damaged most likely it would be salvaged. Since he did some of the work he was able to save lots of money. If one shop did all the work including the paint I'm sure he'd spend double to repair it..He scored on this due to his mechanical knowledge.

  • O4KAST  1 years ago

    That burnt Ferrari is still Tennessee street legal lmao

  • Dimitri Lalos  2 years ago

    That's faze rain R8 V10 plus

  • john winter  9 months ago

    iTheGeek lol looks like you were the dumbass here, dumbass!

  • R3FLEXZS  1 years ago

    iTheGeek it’s his car look up the vin

  • GAMERBOY  2 years ago

    I'm pretty sure that R8 was from faze rain look him up

  • Blee BlahBlah  6 months ago

    For sure!!!!

  • Junito Punto Comm  1 years ago

    18:47 wooooww !! 😱 Thank you for that Trick...They're trying to be slick !! 😅

  • Victor Matthews  1 years ago

    I once purchased a salvage title vehicle, turned out the car just needed a good car wash!

  • DarthAnna  1 years ago

    I bought a 99 lincoln Town Car in 05 that was flood damage. It was in a hurricane in Fl. Bought it at half price. The only problem I noticed was it had holes drilled in the floor to get the water out. I still have the car, best car I ever had

  • Pov Yi  1 years ago

    I've had my salvage title car for 18 yrs with no issue whatsoever..only truck leakage.

  • Rmoney y  1 years ago

    How did i end up on this side of youtube

  • Blackmigo Kiro  1 years ago

    You know the videos has gems in it when the comments have angry people saying "delete" " why are u telling ppl" etc 😂 I appreciate the knowledge 💯

  • Gabriel Umali  2 years ago

    Faze rain r8

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