Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors - Full Game 5 Highlights | June 10, 2019 NBA Finals

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 10, 2019
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  • LeThanos  17 days ago

    Kyle Lowry really hit the side of the backboard for the championship lol

  • Galaxy Potato  13 days ago

    Ken Ken You mean warriors are lucky they still have 4 all stars

  • Gagan Dhaliwal  13 days ago

    @Jat Cool regular season dumbass. If kd and klay were healthy, they would've swept the raps bitch ass faggit

  • Cheshire Cat  16 days ago

    Warriors play became lively when Durant comes back. Get well soon Durant!

  • @Anime Movies Music & Others go watch cartoons you dont know shit about basketball you mamasboy,your mom still cleaning your ass.

  • @Nathan Exde nigga I always be warriors fans before you wasnt virgin,that day when your granpa rape you. So you wrong pussy.

  • Brusko661  16 days ago

    Klay and draymond on the last quarterDoing evrything they got.

  • Hasmik Margaryan  15 days ago

    Dont disrespekt curry

  • Pansy Blackwell  15 days ago

    Got to give credit where credit is due @Muffin Top

  • Confucius say  16 days ago

    The 4rth quarter could use it's own upload. Epic game. Appreciate the consistency and quickness!

  • jblvs  15 days ago

    Please subscribe to my channel and get all your friends to sub please make my channel grow

  • Blaze  16 days ago

    Sooo everyone just gonna ignore the fact that Demarcus nearly cost them the championship?

  • Blaze  15 days ago

    either way Demarcus and cold blooded and GS need him at this point. Definitely top 3 if not the best centre in the league. Especially when in form and confident in his form

  • SSA INVINCIBLEx  15 days ago

    @DropEm 2k That's because the Warriors shot jumpshots moron what you don't understand logic and common sense or something?

  • HeroMath Official  17 days ago

    Durant sacrificed himself for GSW to hold TOR for another game.Respect.

  • Car Ram-Rod  3 days ago

    He didn’t do it on purpose tho..

  • freedom now  16 days ago

    Nope 👎 No respect fuck that try hard

  • Steel  16 days ago

    Kawhi blocking Klays jumper is the first time I’ve seen someone block that quick release like ever 😂

  • Shivek Daswani  yesterday

    @Tabshir Mahmud ohh sorry bout that

  • Tabshir Mahmud  yesterday

    Shivek Daswani I wasn’t talking to you

  • Angel Rodriguez  16 days ago

    Thank you for not including the Durant injury. Sad to see

  • Nephele Mind  16 days ago

    Klay thompson, most underrated warrior. This win is his own.

  • ahmed khalid  15 days ago

    @Y G You can't say someone is mvp just because they got a winning score. That would be unfair for defenders in most sports.

  • NANIDAFUCC  15 days ago

    @Tuan Nguyen he was hot that time