All Signs!!! Daily forecast!!😁🙏🏻🤜🏻🤛🏻

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 28, 2019


  • Mary Lee
    Mary Lee  2 months ago +396

    🐏 Aries 0:36
    🐮 Taurus 6:40
    🔆 Gemini 11:06
    🦀 Cancer 14:52
    🦁 Leo 19:29
    🌺 Virgo 22:57
    ⚖ Libra 28:52
    🦂 Scorpio 34:10
    🏹 Sagittarius 38:58
    🐐 Capricorn 44:13
    💧 Aquarius 48:56
    🐟 Pisces 54:15

  • Moonchild 413
    Moonchild 413  2 months ago +20

    Scorpio here, and yes I had to let him go. A waste of my time for sure. Thank you ☺️

  • Krystal Chambers
    Krystal Chambers  2 months ago +19

    Virgo on point. Not sure how he's feeling but I know how I'm feeling

  • NahToday Bobo
    NahToday Bobo  2 months ago +12

    Every single time I deal with these readers They always say Libra tend to be in conflict with Cancer which conflicts me because Cancer Sun / Libra Moon ... am I here fighting myself lol.

  • Code Sexy
    Code Sexy  2 months ago +15

    "Scorpio come out to play"Sasha Bonasin 💜

  • CeCe Garza
    CeCe Garza  2 months ago +10

    Aquarius ♒️ not trusting a Gemini ♊️
    Nothing but a two face

  • Raiza Guerra
    Raiza Guerra  2 months ago +9

    My ex Aqua is dealing with an Air signs. Hoping he is finally done with her.
    He does not have money problems.
    Aquarius are very confusing 😂
    Thank you R!

  • Tabula Rasa
    Tabula Rasa  2 months ago +23

    Aquarius here. That crazy Gemini took out his ✂️, it ain't on me 🤣🤣

  • R. Káva
    R. Káva  2 months ago +5

    Rich you are so funny! I always feel better after listening to you even when my reading isn't very positive. 💜💞💜💞💜

  • anishia morris
    anishia morris  2 months ago +4

    Gemini here this Sagittarius tryed reconcile he's my ex-husband of 10 years the most toxic being I've ever encountered in my life definitely not offering a new start just need him to sign the freaking divorce papers so I can stay on my

  • Mila Peixoto
    Mila Peixoto  2 months ago +6

    Ahahaha when someone said "not gonna happen" on aquarius taking action 😂😂 samething I said out loud "idk who you're talking about, but NOPE"

  • Amanda DeliaroseMommaMoon
    Amanda DeliaroseMommaMoon  2 months ago +12

    That’s my life; UNPREPARED... lol

    Ms UNDERSTOOD  2 months ago +5

    Good reading for scorpio . Dealing with a pisces I love him so much

  • Ashley Victoria
    Ashley Victoria  2 months ago +6

    Thank you Rich for the daily’s 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾😭. I just ordered my first deck. You and your roommate’s stories inspired me. 😭🙏🏾. Edit: forgot to add that your readings are accurate every time 🔥

  • Aurisrara
    Aurisrara  2 months ago +8

    Stay guarded, Virgo, you are the beautiful person for yourself!

  • Red m
    Red m  2 months ago +5

    THANKFUL Scorpio♏ resonated.

  • Mary Rose LaRochelle
    Mary Rose LaRochelle  2 months ago +4

    You should add timestamps for each sign! That would be sooooo helpful.
    Thank you for all you do, you are always so spot on. Sending you love 🙏🙌

  • Da Br
    Da Br  2 months ago +13

    Libra Gang 28:53

  • Aphrodite Cyprus
    Aphrodite Cyprus  2 months ago +13

    LIBRA ♎ 29:01 💙💜

  • Luis Fajardo
    Luis Fajardo  2 months ago +6

    Thank you Rich. Those damn air signs. 😂