Rebuilding A Wrecked 2018 Camaro ZL1 Part 14

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 8, 2018
  • Have you ever seen a wrecked car getting rebuilt? Some repairs can be harder than others!There are many different ways to repair a vehicle, but we take you along our journey and learn as we go with you guys. This is the final stages before completion. Follow along and see how it turns out!MOTIVATED PAINTERS SUIT: Painters Youtube: Paint Guns: Instagram: T-Shirts: A Patron: CREDITS: MUSIC:


  • scracer24c
    scracer24c  9 months ago +416

    The time you guys put into the quality of these videos, the angles, etc etc, not to mention the quality work, makes these so damn awesome to watch! Bravo fellas, 👏

    MOTIVATED PAINTERS  9 months ago +181

    Glad you guys loved the suits!!!! My mission is to keep painters smiling!!😘😘😘

  • Robert McCall
    Robert McCall  9 months ago +88

    Glad to see sponsors getting on board for the boys .....the suit's look awesome and the guns look great ...awesome....Need more sponsors on board these guys deserve it ..

  • Raymond Boucher
    Raymond Boucher  9 months ago +66

    You got the suit and gloves all you need is the supplied air to breath. If you look at your cartridges on you respirator you will see they are good for 100 ppm or what ever. BUT when you can smell the paint and catalyst even when wearing it that can mean you are breathing thousands of ppm but the respirator only protects you for what is written on the side of the cartridge and only if it is a NEW cartridge ! Do not waste your health for short term gain.

  • White Thunder
    White Thunder  9 months ago +80

    The other car pansies on youtube should learn from you guys! Fast fast fast build! No clickbait videos.... things just gets done unlike some...nothing is done... Goonzquad for life!

  • Milton Fields
    Milton Fields  9 months ago +23

    I stopped watching Thursday Night Football for this 😂

  • Shut Yer Face Garage
    Shut Yer Face Garage  9 months ago +12

    Gm bumpers come primed. Don't put bulldog on them before sealer. You should also seal your new E coated parts before base. Just tryin to help..

  • Memo Alonso
    Memo Alonso  9 months ago +12

    Hey let Thomas Hellcat do the painting quality control. LOL

  • Cesar Calderon
    Cesar Calderon  9 months ago +1

    Like I always say my beautiful job great job keep working together

    xXiREDPLAGUEiXx  9 months ago +87

    Im a simple man, I see a goonzsquad video I hit like🤙

  • - Bryan
    - Bryan  9 months ago +1

    So did you find a Wrecked Dodge Viper yet?

  • J Smith
    J Smith  9 months ago +1

    Thomas editing videos T
    Thomas hellcat T
    Thomas 5.0 T
    Come on guys!!!

  • Miding Modi
    Miding Modi  9 months ago +2

    Paintjob looks better than o.e.m boys.

  • Denis Gavrilov
    Denis Gavrilov  9 months ago +7

    You guys are going through all the same mistakes and learning process that I went through last year when I was learning how to paint. There's nothing worse than having a glob of clear land on to your paint job, I learned that the hard way. Same with the base coat flakes that break off and land in your clear coat. The fix for that is to use the paper around where you're going to be spraying because the plastic moves around too much from the air pressure and the flakes break off or sometimes I will put a mist coat of clear on the plastic so that it seals all that paint in on it. Awesome work guys! Your partnership with motivated painters and sagola is amazing! I'll definitely be buying that paint suit!

  • SprayWayCustoms
    SprayWayCustoms  9 months ago +125

    I love this type of action...🔥🔥

    IBRAHIM KSA  9 months ago +1

    keep going , the best channel in world 💙💙.

  • BiggDell LMKR
    BiggDell LMKR  9 months ago +5

    That blue looks sick wit it!!! I love that color.... Can't wait to see everything back together...

  • Chirantha Dharmesena
    Chirantha Dharmesena  9 months ago +1

    respect man! no BS, some youtubers "buttoning up" cars for years XD while this dude just finished it in few weeks, bravo!

  • abdiel acevedo
    abdiel acevedo  9 months ago

    Bro!!! That paint looks bad ass!!! Professional job guys.

  • Waleed Albassam
    Waleed Albassam  9 months ago +1

    Work well, guys are very excited for the final result 😍😍zl1