Elf on the Shelf - SNL

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 8, 2018


  • Ian Beierle
    Ian Beierle  8 months ago +3012

    "he looks at me..... And I think he is trying to make me part of it"🤣😂

  • gelp
    gelp  8 months ago +2542

    “What does your child want?”
    “I don’t wanna say.”

  • Sanne Derks
    Sanne Derks  8 months ago +1124

    “You spelled flashlight wrong”
    “I wish that was the case”

  • 赵洋辰
    赵洋辰  8 months ago +2569

    “This is definitely a solo activity.”

  • Mert Alakır
    Mert Alakır  8 months ago +1074

    Conclusion: Elves should stop watching children when they become teens.

  • Grey Eagle
    Grey Eagle  8 months ago +592

    Momoa killed in this bit. With the East Coast accent and the high pitched voice I was dying. Thanks Aquaman!

  • Rebz
    Rebz  8 months ago +735

    “This is definitely a solo activity” 😂😂 oh lord

  • Mitchell Grosvenor
    Mitchell Grosvenor  8 months ago +745

    Santa: “Aww but Marshall loves you”
    Scrappy: “I know! But sometimes he looks at me when he’s doing it I think he wants me to be a part of it.”

  • Ann B
    Ann B  8 months ago +752

    "Considering I can't close my eyes, and I have no choice but to watch him, he does do it a lot!" 😂😂😂

  • Raghu Seetharaman
    Raghu Seetharaman  8 months ago +2605

    My god Momoa is just hilarious in this clip. The helium gad voice is just perfect.

  • Max The SNL Trump Loving Dog

    LOL Poor Scrappy! Wait till Marshal gets a laptop!

  • Liyah U
    Liyah U  8 months ago +558

    LMAO Momoa on high pitch sounds like Aziz Ansari

  • tomitstube
    tomitstube  8 months ago +159

    "well then, he shall have the softest socks in the land."
    "they're not gonna stay that way santa."

  • Shawnee Longbow
    Shawnee Longbow  8 months ago +503

    "This isn't so black & white, Deedle-Beep.."

  • mtrev playz
    mtrev playz  8 months ago +69

    "They will have kids and the magic starts again!"
    "I dont think Marshall will have anything left in the bank by then" lol

  • David James-Cameron
    David James-Cameron  8 months ago +926

    Why does Jason Mamoa sound like Joe Pesci here?? 😂😂😂

  • The Brothers Blue
    The Brothers Blue  8 months ago +274

    Jason Mamoa impresses me with that comedic timing...

  • TheKatherineWheel -
    TheKatherineWheel -  8 months ago +148

    Jason Momoa is absolutely brilliant I can’t believe how good his comedic timing is

  • Blue Yiga In A Box
    Blue Yiga In A Box  8 months ago +807

    How have they not done something with this before

  • Marc 4thaWin
    Marc 4thaWin  8 months ago +164

    This has GOT to be one of the smartest, funniest skits in SNL history. JM played it perfectly.