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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018
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  • B166 Zn4
    B166 Zn4  13 days ago

    This nigga dolphin laugh is hilarious..flight iliterate asf can't spell shit 😂😂

  • BigC90 90
    BigC90 90  2 months ago

    0 fucks given 😂😂😄

  • Pop Dad
    Pop Dad  2 months ago

    Nigga mad cuz flight get YouTube chicks

  • ray alexandre
    ray alexandre  3 months ago

    Over a little sister lol she’s Grown nigga she drives and sucks dick nigga mcringe go to bed nikka!!

  • Sydney Hopes
    Sydney Hopes  3 months ago

    He so slow 🤦🏾‍♀️😭😭😭😭 Jesus fix it

  • Sydney Hopes
    Sydney Hopes  3 months ago

    Eye face 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gary Ko
    Gary Ko  3 months ago

    mccringe is being a lil baby and you went a tiny little far you could have been a little more respectful about it instead of putting it all over the internet and in his face you could have asked him nicely if behind the scenes or some shit when he asked u to to lay off her maybe. whatever u guys are both probably faking this views anyway at the end of the day so who really gives a shit. if not ur both adults u and her and it's not his business to. he should take it up with his sis

  • Gary Ko
    Gary Ko  3 months ago

    9:00 flight says the dumbest shit he's ever said in his life here. there's only the truth. outside ppl have the least to say. their on the outside its none of their business. there's the truth. and who holds the truth is to figured out by the only ppl involved.

  • Gary Ko
    Gary Ko  3 months ago +1

    mines! lol

  • Marty  Comage
    Marty Comage  3 months ago

    Who post videos about another dude almost everyday

  • Marty  Comage
    Marty Comage  3 months ago

    Dude lame asf

  • Tamyra Hendrix
    Tamyra Hendrix  3 months ago

    I already started school

  • Nyeesha Tasco
    Nyeesha Tasco  3 months ago

    Boy u cant pull her

  • your pain
    your pain  3 months ago

    Little does flight know he will be cheated on

  • IveTheGod -
    IveTheGod -  3 months ago

    Me too

  • Curtis barnettjr
    Curtis barnettjr  3 months ago

    I have 5 more day until i go back to school

  • Views Yt
    Views Yt  3 months ago

    He did sneak u tho tf?

  • Lotta Stackz
    Lotta Stackz  3 months ago

    2 weeks into school

  • Lexxi xS.
    Lexxi xS.  3 months ago

    “She’s not bad looking” SHES BOMB WTF

  • itsroyaltyy
    itsroyaltyy  3 months ago +1

    tbh I think McQueen not taking it serious like every time it’s a conversation about the situation he has his camera