Can You Melt Obsidian and Cast a Sword?

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 4, 2018
  • Help us get to 10,000 Followers on Instagram: us on Patreon so I can break more kilns! took some user comments way to seriously and figured out what it would take to melt obsidian and sand cast it into a sword.Thanks for FOCI Glass Studio for their help with this project. They are a Non-Profit Studio in Minneapolis which teaches Glass Blowing Classes from Beginner to Expert!|| In This Video ||Our Camera Gear: - GH4: FS5: Dracast Light Panels: GoPro Hero 5: Karma Drone:|| SUBSCRIBE ||YouTube Channel:|| SUPPORT ||Patreon - - Thanks to our Patrons at $15 per month or higher:Sandy Riis, Stian Andreassen, Uwe Schmidt, Daniel Laux, Winfield Jones, Liz Roth, Antonio Rios-Ochoa, Jenny Wolf-Matte, Stephan Schmidt, Quintin, Tim Reiche, Mats Nydesjö, Dylan Rich, Jason Lewis, Susan M. George, Liam pinkney, Stephan Becker, Lana Sinapayen, Stephen C Strausbaugh, Meinhard Absalon, Coby Tang, Christina Freeman, Conner Hitchcock, Jason Kaczmarsky, Avinash Rajaraman|| SOCIAL ||Facebook: Twitter: (@HTMeverything)Instagram:|| SERIES ||Sandwich - - - Dinner - Beer Float - - Bar - - - and Telescope: To Brew Everything: The Makers -|| ABOUT ||Today, getting what you need is as easy as a trip to the store. From food to clothing, energy, medicine, and so much more, Andy George will discover what it takes to make everything from scratch. His mission is to understand the complex processes of manufacturing that is often taken for granted and do it all himself. Each week he’s traveling the world to bypass the modern supply chain in order to harvest raw materials straight from the source. Along the way, he’s answering the questions you never thought to ask.Music by the talented Taylor Lewin


  • GabV
    GabV  2 months ago +3068

    I thought obsidian could only be broken by a diamond pickaxe

  • KLFlava
    KLFlava  2 months ago +1866

    Minecrafters: Wait, that's illegal

  • My jokes aren't funny
    My jokes aren't funny  2 months ago +1323

    Nah you can only make obsidian weapons with a mod, sorry.

  • Na B
    Na B  2 months ago +1793

    breaks obsidian with hammer
    Steve has left the chat.

  • Your local slav man
    Your local slav man  2 months ago +762

    dont these nerds know that you can just use a crafting table smh

    SAIYAN ARMY  7 days ago +49

    I thought the title said “how to melt a Canadian”

  • I have 90 days to change my name

    breaks obsidian with hammer and melts it
    Minecraft players : eternal screaming

  • Panda Echlipse
    Panda Echlipse  2 months ago +343

    That's not how you make the nether portal fricking noobs

  • Samara Ali
    Samara Ali  2 months ago +61

    mojang wants to know your location

  • Mr Wolf
    Mr Wolf  2 months ago +529

    How to make everyting: "Can you melt obsidian and cast a sword?"
    Minecraft: Allow me to introduce myself

  • GaMEs_INsiDe
    GaMEs_INsiDe  1 months ago +192

    U doing it wrong
    U need
    2 blocks of obsidian
    1 stick
    And place the correctly in a 3 by 3 square thing

  • Mountain Biker 256
    Mountain Biker 256  1 months ago +171

    He obviously used mods because there's no crafting recipe

  • 13ッシCatplayz
    13ッシCatplayz  2 months ago +110

    Making Obsidian Is Not That Hard Just Get An Water Bucket And A Lava Bucket "Poof" Obsidian

  • salmon 77
    salmon 77  14 days ago +65

    HTME: melts obsidian into sword
    Minecraft players: wait, that's illegal

  • North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

    obsidian is weak in real life it scratches easily
    so why did they make obsidian very durable in Minecraft?

  • Soviet
    Soviet  1 months ago +130

    me at 11 pm: i probably should go to sleep now.
    me at 3 am: Can You Melt Obsidian and Cast a Sword?

  • Adair's Channel
    Adair's Channel  3 months ago +3099

    bury it somewhere to confuse archaeologists in the future.

  • Omar Ahmed
    Omar Ahmed  21 days ago +49

    YouTube: lets piss everyone off
    YouTube: remember that video we gave everyone? Let's do that again.

  • Ryan
    Ryan  2 months ago +54

    Me at the age 6 years old: I wanna be an astronaut!
    Me now: Dreams, shattered dreams.

  • Smite
    Smite  11 hours ago +2

    This is clickbait
    He obviously used a MOD