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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 11, 2018
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  • Edward Sanchez Productions

    Justine did you get a chance to smell what the rock is cooking?

  • Andrew Tran
    Andrew Tran  a years ago +278

    Wow. 2 videos in one day with Apple anddd the Rock!!!!?!?!? 😂

  • SuperSaf
    SuperSaf  a years ago +88

    SO AWESOME! Love The Rock ❤️

  • Ankit Sharma
    Ankit Sharma  a years ago +122

    One of the kind celebrity alive. Hero's are remembered but legends never dies. The Rock true LEGEND 😍

  • Edward Sanchez Productions

    The rock is so cool

  • SaltyGoatFish
    SaltyGoatFish  a years ago +27

    Dwayne Johnson. What a class act he is.

  • Sergio The One
    Sergio The One  a years ago +35

    Wait what!!! That’s so awesome 👏🏼🙌🏼
    The Rock is one of the greatest guys ever! I’m so impressed.

  • Luna
    Luna  a years ago +7

    Yeah Dwayne Johnson. He´s a cool guy. So cool you met him 😊

  • JohnGTA94
    JohnGTA94  a years ago +14

    if you smell what justine is cooking 😍

  • Haroon Sardar
    Haroon Sardar  a years ago +2

    2 videos in one day (get it girl)😂❤

  • Julian Fullerton
    Julian Fullerton  a years ago +7

    Hi Justine. I must tell you how impressive you are and how valuable of a youtuber you are as well. I Love You, I appreciate you and I wanna say thank you for providing such an insurmountable amount of value to the community as well as the marketplace.

  • Da Dave Guy
    Da Dave Guy  a years ago +2

    Can you cut more soap it was really satisfying but this time do it with Matt

  • Saturn Owls Knowing
    Saturn Owls Knowing  a years ago +2

    She Had To Blood Sacrifice For The Fame And To Hang Out Whit The Rock

  • Rasheed Slays
    Rasheed Slays  a years ago +3

    1 Like if You Love iJustine❤❤

    SENSKA  a years ago +17

    Love you Justine! 😘

  • Nicholas M
    Nicholas M  a years ago +2

    can't wait to see him give me 300 thousand dollars in hq in 45 minutes!

  • BuulletinYT
    BuulletinYT  a years ago +1

    God is a pencil
    Justine is a highlighter
    God drew the world
    Justine made it brighter
    Love u Justine

  • Jessica Bird
    Jessica Bird  a years ago +1

    Will u do a review on the new Nintendo switch labo 💖😂🎀 p.s: love u soooooo much 💜🧡☺️

  • Marco Mark Productions
    Marco Mark Productions  a years ago +1

    that guy looks like a popular wrestler from back in the day
    EDIT: from the wwf

  • Alex
    Alex  a years ago +4

    You got to meet Dwayne Johnson? Llllluuuuuucccccckkkkyyy