Lana Del Rey - Radio (audio)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 18, 2012
  • Just because I couldn't find any non-video with a decent audio...


  • MustardScroll7  2 years ago

    "Now my life is sweet like cinnamon" One of my friends remarked the other day that this line is ironic. Having never tasted cinnamon myself, I didn't understand why it was ironic. I did some research, and it turns out that cinnamon is actually quite bitter in taste. Lana's trying to convince herself, in an almost child-like voice, that fame is sweet. The reality? It's bittersweet. This is why I love Lana's songs. She approaches her writing like a painter approaches a canvas. She doesn't just ...

  • Annabelle Dunbar  4 days ago

    Damn everyone really be analysing this 🤣

  • TV Oh My Dog  25 days ago

    cinnamon is the sexiest smelling spice in my opinion, I love everything with cinnamon (fragrances, candies, food, pies) but it has a dark side to it... try snapping a spoon of cinnanon and it'll be as uncomfortable as pepper or lemon. without mentioning the aditional abortive property ..... People are using cinnamon powder as a alternative to cocaine to experience a high (?!) its a versatile substance to say the least lol

  • Lauren bagel  2 years ago

    She gives me such bad nostalgia but it's not nostalgia for anything it's just there

  • Yazmine Vogler  2 months ago

    she gives me it too... for when I was 15 being a rebel on the chase from police and wearing mini skirts and red lipstick and shit. I'm in my last year as a teenager now at 19, and still love her songs and they will always remind me of fun times.

  • asphodel  2 months ago

    @Steel Bolivar YESSSS THANK YOU

  • MalloryJacobPacheco  3 years ago

    I never thought I'd hear the word "fucking" sung in such a sweet and angelic manner.

  • Samuel Bruun  1 months ago

    That's a part of what makes it so awesome

  • Alain Bruno  4 years ago

    Her voice is beautiful.

  • Yeah her voice is truly unique, like Lady Gaga’s. It sounds alot like the female singers from <1950’s.

  • The Tenome  8 months ago

    Your pic is beautiful

  • Patricia R  5 years ago

    I envy anyone discovering Lana Del Rey's music for the first time. I swear, the first times I listened to her songs was like being introduced to a new kind of magic.

  • Namia xox  17 days ago

    The first song was Summertime Sadness. I was listening to Summertime Sadness for the first time and I was already singing with her, and then it just kept going

  • joana goodrich  28 days ago

    envy me

  • Haleyrenee  3 years ago

    I've never heard the word "fucking" sound so natural in a song before. It's just rolls off her tongue without sounding attention-grabbing or crass. It actually sounds really pretty. HOW DOES SHE DO THAT? It fits so well!

  • Flex Sharingan  26 days ago

    Maybe sound effects

  • ArtisticEgg  2 years ago

    Haleyrenee IKR?!

  • Is there somewhere  2 years ago

    It's weird this song gives nostalgia when I don't have much history with this song.

  • marcø änt  11 months ago

    YAS, the same for me, my history with this song iniciates right now and he gaves so much nostalgia to me

  • Ghostgang xx  1 years ago


  • lah2174  3 years ago

    Lana helps me through the shit in my life

  • Jas B  2 months ago

    True words right here

  • Rose Brianna  2 months ago

    She helps me take me to happy place while hearing while broke up with my boyfriend

  • Ethan Villanueva  4 years ago

    She even curses beautifully.

  • Joaquina  4 years ago

    Yes she gracefully curses like a godess and is beautiful like one too!!!

  • D. Martin Music  4 years ago

    Lmao whenever she curses it sounds so beautiful..she is a unique talent

  • Chris  4 years ago

    this calmed me down right after a suicide attempt

  • Abcdefg  3 days ago

    Valtteri Valonen you must really hate yourself for sayin shit like that youre opinion is irrelevant anyways👩🏻‍⚖️

  • Mukero  1 months ago

    @Valtteri Valonen okay 3yrs later suomi perkele