Cute BABY BUNNY Surprise! (ft Caeli)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 30, 2019
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  • ju an
    ju an  5 months ago +1106

    Quien más viene del video de caeli

  • Batool Rehman
    Batool Rehman  3 months ago +300

    Here is the English Comment U Were Looking For..

  • héctor cast
    héctor cast  5 months ago +797

    Ame el vídeo aunque no entendí ni madres, pero no me aburrió, fue raro

  • Ah 7
    Ah 7  3 months ago +368

    Back then:
    ft Caeli
    ft the cutest girl on earth!!!
    Oooo alex’s got a crush... 😏

  • Somos Paisanos!
    Somos Paisanos!  6 months ago +1650

    OMG Caeli!!! Viva los Latinos!! :)

    SARA BRAVO  5 months ago +518


  • Aparicio Reyes Gerardo
    Aparicio Reyes Gerardo  5 months ago +403

    New Shipper Caesabi
    Me gusta si bienes del canal de Caeli

  • Viii_ 8
    Viii_ 8  5 months ago +400

    Niño Piña!!! (Pineapple kid) 🍍

  • Marisol Gonzalez
    Marisol Gonzalez  5 months ago +201

    El nuevo shippeo ♥ beautiful boy♥

  • Mell Baque
    Mell Baque  5 months ago +203

    Familia caeliker ❤️😊

  • Adriana Pacheco
    Adriana Pacheco  3 months ago +68

    Is anyone watching after their like acctually together😂😁

  • •Itz Chris•
    •Itz Chris•  5 months ago +157

    Niño piña :v no entendí ni madres por qué no se inglés :v pero estuvo entretenido

  • Jett Fong
    Jett Fong  6 months ago +146

    put your hand up if you think alex and caeli are dating! 🙋🏽‍♀️

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez  3 months ago +44

    U know she a keeper when she got a friends shirt on🤩

  • Maria ER
    Maria ER  6 months ago +60

    Make Alex talk in Spanish for a few hours 😂 Aver qué pasa?

  • Anna Ramirez
    Anna Ramirez  6 months ago +309

    Everyone stop shipping them!
    Alex is obviously gonna marry Ariana grande🙄🙄🙄🙄😂😂😂

  • Nicky BR
    Nicky BR  5 months ago +61

    Feliz cumpleaños de parte del poder Caeliker🤩🤩🤩🤗🎉🎊🎉🎊

  • I’m Unknown
    I’m Unknown  6 months ago +45

    The way they hug and hold hands just makes me feel like they like each other.

  • Akanksha Kaith
    Akanksha Kaith  6 months ago +59

    I think she is the reason why in the next video said he was upset that a girl didn't come to Mexico with him.

  • Araceli gc
    Araceli gc  5 months ago +58

    No sé qué rayos ago viendo esto si no sé ni madres lo que dicen 🙃 pero bueno aquí sigo 😄😁😅🤣