Macho Nachos - You Suck at Cooking (episode 26)

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 7, 2015
  • Subscribe:►►►► you're the kind of guy who regularly puts your fist through drywall at the mildest of annoyances, you're gonna love these nachos. NOT FOR GIRLS. Nacho chipsShredded cheddarTomato/blackbeans/green onion/whatever else you want just lots of stuff. (the most important thing is to layer)Repeat that process. Probably add some hot sauce or other spice if your salsa isn't spicyThe other most important thing is to bake them in an oven. If you don't bake your nachos then just throw them on the lawn, and then ridicule yourself. If you put your nachos in the microwave, we need to talk.


  • MildlySaltyTM
    MildlySaltyTM  2 years ago +4957

    Pretty sure the women who decided to be rebels and still watch grew beards

  • Aria Cherry
    Aria Cherry  2 years ago +2259

    I'm a female what's happening? I can't see anything I just want nachos

  • 羅美蘭Bárbara
    羅美蘭Bárbara  2 months ago +978

    I love the fact that he actually knows the correct names for some makeup brushes.
    P R O F E S S I O N A L

  • Weectoriees
    Weectoriees  1 months ago +722

    This video single handedly destroyed toxic masculinity

  • TransBiologist, the transest of biologists

    Thanks, bro. Now I have a perfect snack to share with my gym bro on our date.

  • icedlemontea
    icedlemontea  a years ago +589

    Joke's on you, I'm watching this on my phone

  • Cameron Martinez
    Cameron Martinez  a years ago +492

    This video raised my testosterone levels

  • gamerone00
    gamerone00  a years ago +301

    Obviously, this guy is an idiot. Like who in their right mind would use a highlighter brush, and call it a fan or contour brush! Obviously your not macho enough for these nachos.

  • MrDrSup
    MrDrSup  a years ago +2113

    Y'know this video is surprisingly affirming for a trans boy 😂
    I am a macho man, thanks for noticing

  • Alex Henry
    Alex Henry  a years ago +266

    I lost it when he grabbed the shredder out of his purse. Everything else was icing on the cake

  • Sabina
    Sabina  1 months ago +112

    this video was so macho that it made me grow a full beard, drop my voice down three octaves, and gain the power to heft a giant oak on my shoulders
    And I'm a girl

  • Audrey
    Audrey  2 years ago +25

    puts my hair in a hat
    draws on a beard
    hello fellow dudes and bros, I am a dude and/or bro as well

  • Senan M
    Senan M  2 months ago +53

    For real, moisturize. It's good for your skin.

  • Maciej Nenutil
    Maciej Nenutil  2 months ago +70

    Thanks to this video I grew from 5'9 all the way to 6'0, thanks YSAC!

  • Berra Saral
    Berra Saral  a years ago +10

    "Hey Gena you have a grater in your purse right?"
    "Of course I have I'm not an animal"

  • Emerald Glow
    Emerald Glow  10 months ago +21

    I'm gonna show this to my nephews so they'll learn how to be the manliest of men. I just feel that they are not manly enough to take on the world right now.

  • Marc Taylor
    Marc Taylor  2 months ago +30

    The best channel ever. So funny, it's ridiculous but I also feel like making the recipes. 😀

  • Ben M
    Ben M  3 years ago +2148

    damn, i thought i was the only one that tap danced to get his sour cream

  • Miso
    Miso  a years ago +17

    lmao he has nice legs

  • Gid The Cook
    Gid The Cook  a years ago +15

    I feel manlier than ever after watching this