Macho Nachos - You Suck at Cooking (episode 26)

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 7, 2015
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    If you're the kind of guy who regularly puts your fist through drywall at the mildest of annoyances, you're gonna love these nachos.

    Nacho chips
    Shredded cheddar
    Tomato/blackbeans/green onion/whatever else you want just lots of stuff.
    (the most important thing is to layer)
    Repeat that process.
    Probably add some hot sauce or other spice if your salsa isn't spicy
    The other most important thing is to bake them in an oven.
    If you don't bake your nachos then just throw them on the lawn, and then ridicule yourself.
    If you put your nachos in the microwave, we need to talk.


  • Regina Norwood
    Regina Norwood  2 hours ago

    Noooooo your doing it all suck👅

  • Vincent Kious
    Vincent Kious  9 hours ago

    My dick just got 2x bigger after watching this vide

  • UGudBro ?
    UGudBro ?  yesterday

    Lemmie get this straight. Why are you baking air? I cant see the nachos. This video is a scam.

    Wait.... He said only for manly men... STILL A SCAM

  • Reena Dixit
    Reena Dixit  6 days ago +2

    You didn’t tie your tap shoes, that’s a real serious cooking hazard

  • put hot sauce on your life

    you're doing really well with the tapping keep it up. MACHO.

  • songs plzz
    songs plzz  7 days ago

    All just to show that he has a woman with polish in his life...

  • Sahedy
    Sahedy  7 days ago +5

    This video single handedly cured my gender dysphoria. I have become a full man with no hormone treatment. Thank you.

  • Gacha Devil
    Gacha Devil  7 days ago

    Are your nails painted-

  • Elie •
    Elie •  7 days ago

    This was so manly my dick grew 3 inches

  • davs :v
    davs :v  7 days ago +1

    This video is so macho that my macho beard grew pecs and a beard

  • Charles Dagdagan
    Charles Dagdagan  7 days ago

    Stupid its three fundo

  • Lindy
    Lindy  14 days ago +1

    Wait are any other people not seeing anything but a black screen?? What's going on??

    Edit: I'm a girl

  • satan spectr
    satan spectr  14 days ago

    This is the manliest shit I've ever seen

  • angie btw
    angie btw  14 days ago

    Im a girl. I broke the rules and watched the video anyway, that clarifies me as tougher than you guys

  • HappyFoxUniverse
    HappyFoxUniverse  14 days ago

    onion's on 350

  • Akosua Fire
    Akosua Fire  14 days ago +1

    Dude. Youre my type of humor! I love it😂

  • l a n z o
    l a n z o  14 days ago

    I garuntee you guys there was a couple feminist bitches that got triggered watching this

  • HickeryStickz
    HickeryStickz  14 days ago

    this video reeks of repressed homosexuality

  • scarlet camatose
    scarlet camatose  14 days ago

    It okay to cry 🤣🤣😭😭

  • evie
    evie  21 days ago

    these nachos are fuckinf alpha