Night on the Mountain - lofi hip hop [study/sleep/homework music]

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 29, 2018
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  • Dreamy
    Dreamy  7 months ago +119

    One of my favorite ♥
    00:00 w00ds - crushed
    02:45 w00ds - nothing
    05:15 BrandonW3-tell me what you feel .
    07:16 NonFarmed-ticonderoga
    10:02 fujitsu - steady
    11:25 chilly-moondance
    14:16 krylic.-Notorious
    16:50 neeks - 2 u i cater
    19:30 Wulf Morpheus-Convel Intermission_ One day back then
    21:40 Philanthrope-Aspiration (Chillhop Essentials Winter 2017)
    23:31 ACXLE-Before
    26:28 Roze - let's get lost in the woods
    28:24 Sunlight-91 - Email, letters and the wind

  • Higher Projections
    Higher Projections  4 months ago +236

    If you're listening to this, slightly lost, a little high and wondering where to go next, don't worry. You're exactly where you're meant to be. We're all in the same boat and forever searching... Enjoy these moments. It's your time. Love yourself, you've made it this far and you'll make it further.

  • rainboh_is_my_name_oh
    rainboh_is_my_name_oh  7 months ago +272

    Squidward is a mood

  • Kool Demonfox
    Kool Demonfox  7 months ago +182

    Honestly today isn’t my day, I’m actually pretty sad it’s been difficult to the point where I cry listening to this mix it’s been so long since I cried fully it feels nice but at the same time so painful the feeling of letting go finally but when you let go it’s probably letting something go that’s close to your heart anyways thanks dreamy for posting this mix much love from me

  • JA Sev
    JA Sev  4 months ago +47

    You know when Squidward sets the mood you're in a for a good playlist...

  • Kate Whiteman
    Kate Whiteman  5 months ago +37

    wherever we go, whatever will happens, when I look up at the stars, I'll know you'll be looking' up at the same ones.
    yes... like this I can be always close to you, at least a little bit. but it still feels kinda sad.

  • Introverted Weeb
    Introverted Weeb  7 months ago +80

    The stars.
    So bright in the night sky
    Makes you want to fly
    But individually
    They go unnoticed
    All together
    They shine so bright
    But only together
    Alone they don't shine
    Alone they look dim
    Just a small white spec
    In an endless void of space and blues
    They are lonely
    Together they shine
    Together they illuminate our sky
    But one alone has the potential to create something so big
    They can create a large black hole
    Everyone has evil in them
    But for now let us look at the sky
    How beautiful they all are together

  • Tony Ling
    Tony Ling  7 months ago +35

    Thanks Dreamy for bringing these playlists back!

  • ChampionKiller
    ChampionKiller  7 months ago +18

    Why are your mixes so perfect for sleep like what? You got yourself a loyal sub here cuz this is what helps me sleep at night. Please don't stop what you are doing. Absolutely love what you do :)

  • Bent7793
    Bent7793  2 months ago +5

    Here I was, getting settled in bed, closing my eyes to contemplate the feelings that nobody can know about...and then Squidward. I busted out laughing.

  • Ch!n0
    Ch!n0  5 days ago +1

    You earned a sub this really is

  • Schwifty Music
    Schwifty Music  7 months ago +74

    And then a snake says hello from behind

  • Whitney Mack
    Whitney Mack  2 months ago +5

    Immediate like for Squidward

  • johox
    johox  7 months ago +19

    Dude i Have Been loooking for this video everywhere for the past month!

  • I don't know who I am
    I don't know who I am  1 months ago +7

    I feel so hurt right now I can't even cry. I can't even hate myself, I just feel helpless. I hope this mix will help me cry, I love how lo-fi music calms me down but at the same time... it really hurts...

  • Shuten Douji
    Shuten Douji  5 months ago +30

    After listening this for 20 mins i learnt a lot about me, i tried to fit in society even if i am still young i did my best to fit in but at the end i could never really fit. At least i've tried and now i fully accept myself i don't want to fit this society anymore because i have my own world. If you are reading this post and having this need to fit just ask yourself the good questions after all, no one was born with a dream, they lived to find a goal they could achieve. I don't have any goal yet but well i'll just follow the river's flow. If you are depressed because of people let me just tell you that we're all different and there is someone out there just waiting for you to meet them so don't stay depressed and go out.

  • anisha chopra
    anisha chopra  an hour ago

    Is it only me or did someone else also hear julia stiles's "i hate it" poem from 10 things I hate about you

  • ForeverOpenSkies
    ForeverOpenSkies  1 months ago +5

    Totally startled by the 10 Things I Hate About You monologue.
    Love this mix

  • D
    D  5 months ago +6

    I put this on to write a romantic scene in my book and I hear Squidward and I found that hilarious but also fantastic. That was so random! I love Squidward.

  • Rosalynn DLC
    Rosalynn DLC  2 months ago +4

    Squidward yall!!!! I bursted out laughing 😂🤣 and cried cuz I feel him.....I feel u squidward 😭