Choosing a Backup Generator Plus 3 LEGAL House Connection Options - Transfer Switch and More

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 3, 2019
  • Want to choose a backup generator wisely and connect it to your house legally? You've got to make a connection the right way to keep line workers safe and to avoid trouble with the law. This video is about choosing a backup generator and understanding the 3 legal methods for connecting it to your home.




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  • Elias Babich
    Elias Babich  an hour ago

    Where would I find one?

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi  2 days ago

    You don't need to hire an electrician to install the gentran panel. You can do it yourself as long as you are competent and follow the NEC.

  • Brian Brehmeyer
    Brian Brehmeyer  4 days ago +1

    It's been 2 years since I checked: since the generlink would have to be installed under the meter I contacted my local electrical utility (PUD).
    Quoting from the email "Thank you for your inquiry regarding the installation of a GenerLink automatic transfer switch. Washington State’s Labor & Industries’ Chief Electrical Inspector has advised that this product does not meet the appropriate electrical standards in Washington State. They have identified that the manufacturer’s instructions and UL file are in conflict with pertinent NEC and RCW requirements."

  • Carson Hunsberger

    Be very careful people. Remember these type of generators give what they call dirty electric or square wave. All ur new appliances have very delicate circuitry and will cause damage for sure. Ur appliances need pure since wave. Do ur research people.

  • Lorne Hampel
    Lorne Hampel  7 days ago

    In my market, generlink costs 5x what a 10 circuit transfer box costs. It also can only be installed by Hydro so my estimate of cost is not $ but $$$$$ (if it is legal at all). Also, it's more work each time to select and turn off unnecessary breakers so the generator won't overload. The selection of the size of transfer switch and manageable circuits is done once only at design/setup for a transfer switch.

    I think the transfer switch is a far, far better option. I was able to install a 10 circuit transfer box myself for $400 all in.

  • LJ Prep
    LJ Prep  14 days ago +1

    I'm using a manual transfer switch ($319 Amazon, self-installed) with off-grid solar and batteries to enhance my electrical system, allowing the use of both at the same time. This leaves me with the generator port should I wish to enhance the solar/batteries when the grid is down. // I would never consider a generlink due to its limitations. // The last option you forgot to include is an automatic transfer switch which flips the circuits to generator from grid, then powers the generator on when the power goes out. Add a grand to the manual transfer switch price for automatic.

  • harry walker
    harry walker  14 days ago

    here in australia,,nothings been approved for anything the rest of the world has std..were not 3rd world were about 10th..dumbass gov..

  • Ainstain K
    Ainstain K  14 days ago

    Just wire the generator to your wiring panel and use 2 circuit breakers. When the power goes out just flip the main OFF and the generator breakers ON. My whole house has the power this way. This has been running for me for years. Great video though!

  • Fog Hole
    Fog Hole  21 days ago

    With a generlink or transfer switch is 240v avaible? If I wanted to use my hot water tank with nothing else on, would it work...maybe if I only ran it with one element? If the power were off for over 3days or so.

  • hondo smith
    hondo smith  21 days ago +1

    ON theft...I heard a story here in fla where a thief took a lawnmower fired it up stole the generator so owner wouldn't notice the lack of noise. Wow now that;s thinking


    What I run in emergency.
    1 fridge
    2 I run low wattage appliances like Power Pressure cooker Xl, Insta pot, air fryer and microwave.

    Note Pressure cooker will kill bacteria in water if there is a boil water alert.

    Oh and an electric heater.

  • outthasky
    outthasky  1 months ago

    Dudes $ math is on point

  • Bhavin Amdavadi
    Bhavin Amdavadi  1 months ago


  • Electrical equipment TAO

    A small generator and run on gasoline, it is always legal. Tesla's homemade generator will be monitored by the CIA.

  • JL Mahurin
    JL Mahurin  1 months ago +1

    Be careful with the portable generators that are not "inverter generators" they have issues with blowing out anything that has electronics (most newer refrigerators, freezers, dryers, TVs, stereos etc.) Most appliances have electronics that need 60Hz Perfect Sine wave (not modified) and if your generator fluctuation is more than 1%-2% you may ruin your electronics.

  • Vaquero 357
    Vaquero 357  1 months ago

    if I had the power company remove all their poles/wires/meter from my property so there is no possibility of backfeed, can I legally hook the generator directly to my meter(less) pole if I cover the meter socket for safety? may be a stupid question, but there are many stupid laws as well.

  • Slam 420
    Slam 420  1 months ago

    Mechanical interlock for 25 dollar’s

  • Eric Davidson
    Eric Davidson  1 months ago

    What about running your central ac

  • googlemustdie
    googlemustdie  1 months ago +6

    4th method, hillbilly, requires no wiring. Most houses have a breaker panel and a main power cutoff. You figure out which circuit your refrigerator is on. You throw your main power cut-off, disconnecting you from the main grid, then plug a suicide cord between your generator and any outlet in the house on the same circuit as your fridge. trip any breakers that are not important so they don't load the generator. Fire up your generator and your fridge will run and keep food cold. You might have enough power to plug another suicide cable into an outlet that service the other side of outlets in your house not on the same phase as your fridge. Voila. When you see your neighbor's lights come on, unplug the suicide cord(s), flip your main power disconnect back on and reset any breakers you had turned off and then shut your generator off.

  • Alex T
    Alex T  1 months ago

    Zzzz Zzzz...