Build & Battle 3: First Fire-up Almost Ends in Disaster + More Power Adders! EP.5

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 5, 2019
  • Sometimes when you really get in the flow of a build, some *minor* details can be forgotten. Like whether there's a throttle body on a car or not. And what happens when you fire up a car with no throttle body on it at all? Revs. Cold revs. LOTS of cold revs. AKA full danger zone for a freshly installed Honda K24 motor.

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  • Hoonigan Project Cars
    Hoonigan Project Cars  1 months ago +135

    What’s your preferred method of making ALL the Horsepower: Turbo Charger, Nitrous, or Displacement? Go!!

  • Joshua Afek
    Joshua Afek  14 days ago

    Soopy in scumbag labs ! Make it happen!

  • Antiphobia
    Antiphobia  14 days ago

    Josh: What.. what it's gonna do is loosen up the bearings.

    Suppy: That's what ours did yesterday.

    The fast and furious references are strong with these guys. Haha


  • bruce kooiker
    bruce kooiker  21 days ago +1

    Yall should really push to get these cars on forza horizon 4. I think it would be cool as hell to be able to drive these ourselves

  • 95berre
    95berre  21 days ago

    29:47 that fucker had some grunt behind it

  • ThymastarGT
    ThymastarGT  1 months ago

    Starts like a glove!

  • lazih3nri
    lazih3nri  1 months ago

    10:50/37:48 Guessing this is where the jack handle gets used?

  • aleks mukha
    aleks mukha  1 months ago

    Shout out Poland for the adapter plates 34:25

  • My Mom Said I Can Internet So Ha

    "That sounds like my thing"

  • randall jr Benoit
    randall jr Benoit  1 months ago

    19:30 y'all ever seen that movie nwa.... & the actor that plays THIER manager looks like his daddy!

  • crossandshoot
    crossandshoot  1 months ago

    suppy and jamo such legends lol

  • sam gaffney
    sam gaffney  1 months ago

    15:12 Suppy explains to Jamo he's working on the TPS with the throttle body in his hand.
    Jamo: Cool so lets just fire it up

  • scottyk
    scottyk  1 months ago

    These builders are the real deal . I wish I was as talented and creative as these dudes😉

  • keen0515
    keen0515  1 months ago

    I love both of these teams. But I'm kinda leanin' K motor.

  • gabe fossatti
    gabe fossatti  1 months ago

    wheres a new episode of the k series 4 banger in the 350 and the regular ass camaro build and battle????

  • Juan Oakes
    Juan Oakes  1 months ago

    You need to get the guys from the YouTube channel grind hard plumbing company I would love to see them do a build off with somebody else

  • Andrew Omeruo
    Andrew Omeruo  1 months ago

    Ron kinda looks like typical gamer

  • HandyManDan31
    HandyManDan31  1 months ago

    Displacement, like the old saying goes " There is no substitution for cubic inches"

  • alexis mendoza
    alexis mendoza  1 months ago +1

    Just like last season I’m rooting for the American car

  • Jackson Duval
    Jackson Duval  1 months ago

    Diaz looks like bob from Bob's burger lol