The War in Words - SNL

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 1, 2018


  • mickey
    mickey  8 months ago +1358

    “Sounds dreadful” is the the old-timely “wow that’s crazy”

  • Amber Earls
    Amber Earls  8 months ago +2976

    Who wrote this sketch?
    Give them a raise.

  • Ryan Stallard
    Ryan Stallard  8 months ago +2372

    He married an internet troll from the future.

  • Abidur
    Abidur  8 months ago +888

    “Margaret NO! This is a photograph of you as a child.” 😂🤣 One of the best lines.

  • iBourne xx 1994
    iBourne xx 1994  8 months ago +910

    New quill who dis?

  • AF_1892
    AF_1892  8 months ago +1961

    The baby picture LMAO. Send it back if you can pry it away from your friends.

  • Bill S
    Bill S  8 months ago +1516

    This is one of the funniest sketches in years! Mikey Day is the best!

  • Simon Narode
    Simon Narode  8 months ago +3402

    This was hilarious! I'd love to see this as a recurring sketch.

  • Oh!
    Oh!  8 months ago +675

    How it's like texting your crush

  • Lauren Brown
    Lauren Brown  8 months ago +199

    "Dear James, Henry is the man in photograph."
    "Yes, I KNOW!" 😂

  • WatchJRGo
    WatchJRGo  8 months ago +1732

    So many unresolved questions. Who is Henry, what was the trial for, how did she end up in Germany? 🤣

  • Jake Warren
    Jake Warren  8 months ago +123

    Margaret, no! This is a photograph of you as a child! And the suggestion that I should "enjoy it" is extremely disturbing!

  • Sheryl Smallwood
    Sheryl Smallwood  8 months ago +3004

    I dont why, but I was expecting Margeret to just write "k" in the second letter lol

  • Don Ndiweni
    Don Ndiweni  8 months ago +508

    I am positively starved for context!!

  • KettleandString
    KettleandString  8 months ago +143

    I am STARVED of context!
    this line made me laugh so much goddam

  • DChamp
    DChamp  8 months ago +110

    I wasn’t expecting to like this but I very much did. “How’s world War I going?” 😂😂😂

  • RustedRaccoon
    RustedRaccoon  8 months ago +115

    This was actually well written and creative. Even though I enjoy most all SNL sketches. Many are very lazy and poor. But this one was the best I have seen in a long time! Great job!

  • Bill S
    Bill S  8 months ago +100

    Here's how this could have gone:
    James: Who is Henry?!
    Margaret: Henry is the man in the photograph.
    James: Yes, I know, but who is he?!
    Margaret: His own thing!
    James: And the pocket watch is....
    Henry: Part of it!

  • Li Hua
    Li Hua  8 months ago +122

    This is the funniest SNL skit I’ve seen in awhile lol

  • PumpkinEskobarr
    PumpkinEskobarr  8 months ago +80

    People actually text like this. Pours their heart out and get a 3-syllable response. No context and detail to anything.
    😪For all the James Merchant’s out there....