Bob Howard Chevrolet 2019 C7 Corvette Stingray Broke Down - Update

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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 8, 2019
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  • kevin q
    kevin q  1 months ago

    Please number your videos of the c7

  • charles chaboya
    charles chaboya  1 months ago

    way to come through Bob Howard! ill drive to Oklahoma for my next car.

  • ERIC933G
    ERIC933G  1 months ago

    Do you still have the camaro

  • Jack Tritten
    Jack Tritten  1 months ago

    whats the problem with outside, you dont park inside JS

  • Bobby's Backyard Autoworks

    Black Widow??

  • Ronald S
    Ronald S  1 months ago

    At this point they better be letting me borrow the owner's lambo or something I mean damn....😡

  • Bald Bear
    Bald Bear  1 months ago

    They need to be making payments on that crap. (Not the bird crap) but man that crap suxs. They should be giving you something else.

  • Taylor Z
    Taylor Z  1 months ago

    Where's Tim going?

  • Brian
    Brian  1 months ago

    As soon as it broke down I would. Have returned. Take it as a sign
    Give option to replace or loose the sale no exceptions Lol they gave you a Malibu LOL saw you coming you really think I took a Corvette in that was brand new I would drive off the lot with a Malibu I don't think so

  • Dee Brian
    Dee Brian  1 months ago

    Thought this might be of interest.

  • 200 HIT
    200 HIT  1 months ago


  • 200 HIT
    200 HIT  1 months ago

    GM Quality and workmanship is some $hit !!! Should have listen to Scotty Kilmer

  • jeff taisey
    jeff taisey  1 months ago

    Boy, do you look high 😂😂🤔

  • Infuse
    Infuse  1 months ago

    Incoming c7 z06 to drive in the mean time!!!!

  • Scott Werling
    Scott Werling  1 months ago

    21 days? That's ridiculous. They should be able to find a similar car at another dealership. That is some kind of BS

  • Robert
    Robert  1 months ago

    I had 2 different new c6 vettes, I loved them, but they were plagued with issues both of them. The couple had targa top that kept delaminating, rear end clutch packs, 2 radios failed, headlights would turn off,door panel warped, etc. I cant recall which one had which issues, too long ago. I had a leased Hellcat 3
    Years ,now an sxt, both flawless zero issues. Sorry your going through that, demand a new one if not ready soon.

  • Lez Charisma
    Lez Charisma  1 months ago

    They are going to lend him a C8.

  • Reggie Edwards
    Reggie Edwards  1 months ago

    Randy go to the Dr man!!! Love your content!!!

  • gianfrancoa
    gianfrancoa  1 months ago

    Title should read " I have not much to show, so I will post an useless video"