twenty one pilots: Jumpsuit [Live from the American Music Awards]

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 9, 2018
  • twenty one pilots' performance of 'Jumpsuit' from their new album Trench live at the American Music Awards on October 9th 2018.get Trench featuring 'Jumpsuit' & 'My Blood' now: twenty one pilots merch: twenty one pilots on tour: with twenty one pilotsSite: http://twentyonepilots.comFacebook: #jumpsuit #trench


  • rainbowwstar  8 months ago

    The audience had no idea what was going on

  • GamesWithAndrew  3 months ago


  • Richard Cardone  3 months ago

    Does anyone really knows what is going on?

  • I NO  8 months ago

    This audience was nothing compared to what the bandito tour is gonna be like

  • Milk Bread  3 months ago

    they mute the audience lmao

  • møønsky  3 months ago

    I saw them in cologne on Monday ~

  • Ivan Shea Santana  8 months ago

    Tyler: We’re going to burn a car on stage.Everyone: wtf

  • Doesn’t he do that like all the time?

  • Boi Ambzy  1 months ago

    Ah classic Tyler

  • David Kubataev  8 months ago

    1:49 Crowd: **cheers and applause**Tyler: I’ll be right there...Crowd: wAiT tHiS iS nOt ThE eNd Of ThE sOnG?¿?

  • Cianifake  21 days ago


  • David Kubataev that’s accurate

  • Sum Ting Wong  8 months ago

    Tyler: So what started the fire?Police: Some random band lit a car on fire and one of their falling pedals caught flameTyler sweating: I wonder which stupid band did that

  • Omg xD in lmao

  • Jazzy Boi  8 months ago

    I'm sorry but I couldn't stop laughing at the people in the audience who were trying to clap along to the beat but had no idea what they were doing. Love TØP :3

  • Vanessa  21 days ago

    Lol I know, you don’t clap to TØP songs, you jump and do weird things, just like our guys

  • Steph Cronin  1 months ago

    I love them as well I have the album and I’ve probably listened to it 9 billion times 😂😂

  • Melapples Howlter  8 months ago

    Audience: wait why is he screaming I’m scared is this meant to happen is he okayClique: YAYYYYYY SCREAMING TIME

  • Joshua Sanchez  2 months ago

    Literally though lol😂

  • Wow so amazing live

  • Trudie M  6 months ago

    3:10 Audience: ahh so calm and sweet :) Clique: ØHHH WAIT FØR IT >:) Tyler: jumpsuit..jumpsuit cover MEEEAAAAHHAHAHAHAudience: omg!! Was that supposed to happen? Wtf?!Clique: ØMFG YAASS LØUDERRR!!!

  • NickPlayzz  3 months ago

    The fucking screaming scared the shit out of me

  • Little Rose  4 months ago

    only beebo can do it louder

  • That audience will never truly appreciate what they witnessed.

  • Jen p  18 days ago

    Actual Internet trash I ageee

  • Mcbsl 25  1 months ago

    I heard no singing with him

  • ODST Agent  8 months ago

    Clearly, you can see that Tyler acts different in those shows that aren't for the clique only

  • The Xbox Pro  29 days ago

    Oh hey! A fellow H3ODST fan! Hey bro!!

  • Christina C  1 months ago

    ODST Agent I would too lol