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  • Published on:  Monday, July 22, 2019
  • The challenge is dead but so is my soul,Dear Moochis!!! It's been a long 2 weeks!!! So much has happened in my life during the past month but I'm glad to be back!!SO HERE'S OUR PAUSE CHALLENGE! Boyfriend Julian is a meanie, he wanted to burn Kookie and the BTS alter and honestly, unlike Rihanna, I'm not going to stand there and watch it burn. Call me a cheater but ;A;-Don’t forget to download Amino and search my profile name, MiniMoochi, to check out my Stories! You can also click here: me to see more of my Stories! THANK YOU MOOCHIS FOR THE SUPPORT!!-I’m MiniMoochi! A tiny human in sunny Singapore having fun in this Youtube space! I make new videos every Sunday!I WELCOME A LITTLE HEALTHY STALKING:☆ Instagram-☆ Facebook -☆ Twitter - Collabs/Adverrtisements -


  • MiniMoochi
    MiniMoochi  28 days ago +139

    Ahhhh guys I’ve been gone for so long 😭😭😭 so much was happening in my life!! I’ll try explaining it on my Instagram soon!
    But anyway, I’m back!!!
    Meanwhile, I’m on Amino!! Download Amino and search my profile name, MiniMoochi, to check out my Stories!
    You can also click here:
    Follow me to see more of my Stories! THANK YOU MOOCHIS FOR THE SUPPORT!!

  • It's Keyzia Bro
    It's Keyzia Bro  28 days ago +176

    Even the stop button couldnt stop moochi from saving BTS! 😅

  • Hobiwaterand SPRITE
    Hobiwaterand SPRITE  28 days ago +160

    If someone tried to burn any of my BTS stuff I will throw hands like for real-

  • Itsfunneh_com YT
    Itsfunneh_com YT  28 days ago +81

    Moochi: Guess what I got
    Moochi:I got a new bed and I got cut my hair boo
    Meh oof

  • UwU kthxbye UwU
    UwU kthxbye UwU  28 days ago +36

    the doggy part was hilarious for me idk why 😂 🐕 🐶 😂 🤣

  • Angel Lite
    Angel Lite  28 days ago +14

    I missed you so much,Celine if anybody burn or FIRE my BTS pictures I might even kill them :P
    So if you burn my pictures you better RUN
    P.S: Love your new hairstyle,you match with that new hair

  • Me_is_a_Ravenclaw !!!
    Me_is_a_Ravenclaw !!!  28 days ago +48

    Moochi: I will never do the pause challenge
    Also Moochi:*does the pause challenge

  • hi whats up
    hi whats up  28 days ago +20

    I love that Julian cracked the eggs before he threw them she wouldn't get hurt

  • Alexandra GAMING
    Alexandra GAMING  28 days ago +18

    Hi MiniMoochi
    Yay it's time of the month with Moochi

  • Julliet Chann
    Julliet Chann  28 days ago +13

    Early Moochi Squad! 💜 You look even more prettier Moochi 😍

  • TiffwithMi
    TiffwithMi  28 days ago +18

    Omgosh I had to pause the video to tell you YOU LOOK FREAKING GORGEOUS WITH YOUR NEW HAIR!!!!!!! Ok I’m gna continue watching now

  • Victoria McCarthy
    Victoria McCarthy  28 days ago +12

    Digging the new hair cut, more of hair cut(e) if you ask me!!

  • elly_ dorable
    elly_ dorable  28 days ago +8

    I love uuuuuu
    Where is ur subs!?!? NAni it's not in da comments or in the like?!???
    There's already a dislike?!?!?! I guess someone has their notifications on ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • GL galaxy Czyan

    Mochi can u try this chalenge letting the person infront of us who will decide to eat

  • Megan Yuliadinata
    Megan Yuliadinata  28 days ago +4

    The queen has posted!!!
    Love your new Haricut! You look bOoTiFuL with your new hairstyle!!! Thanks for making my day.

  • Kyaw Kyaw
    Kyaw Kyaw  28 days ago +3

    videos Ago....
    "Its crumbling like our relationship"
    (early squad)

  • Sushi!
    Sushi!  28 days ago +4

    OMG I got the same length for my hair cut too!!!

  • [] Angel Coøkie []
    [] Angel Coøkie []  7 days ago +1


  • LionEliteSoldier
    LionEliteSoldier  28 days ago +3

    Julian must say yes to you for the whole video

  • Fahmida Mukta
    Fahmida Mukta  3 days ago +1

    Wait that means on the ice-cream prank Celine got 99 because she got 1 in the text one 😂😐