Are Women Too Masculine These Days?

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 10, 2018


  • Sushma K
    Sushma K  2 months ago

    I used to think I am independent but I was deprived

  • Lion Simba
    Lion Simba  3 months ago

    When she went like “Two weeks later “ in a Sponge Bob (French accent), I died

  • Lion Simba
    Lion Simba  3 months ago +1

    “You are not Iyanla” 😂😂😂

  • Beri Nfor
    Beri Nfor  3 months ago +3

    '"you are they daddy they never had'..may i never be daddy to any man please hahahahaha

  • April Love
    April Love  3 months ago

    Yes. But some of it has to do with lazy men or men who are just no good.
    So is getting up off of your ass and doing it yourself considered masculine?

  • Ben Jerry
    Ben Jerry  3 months ago

    When a man tells you he is a lesbian but you know for sure he has male plumbing.....then he says he needs a woman who can help him out with money.....then he talks about your parents because they are not paying for anything for you (aka helping him) 😵✌💅

  • Ben Jerry
    Ben Jerry  3 months ago

    What about when you're broke because you've been with 1 man for far too many years (more than a decade) then your only option (mom) is SUPER masculine, ghetto, and pick me all at the same time, and you don't want to be influenced by her at all. How to find some money fast but in a feminine way, not being too masculine.

  • Adelle Ramcharan
    Adelle Ramcharan  3 months ago +1

    The thumbnail XD

  • Danielle Williams
    Danielle Williams  3 months ago +4

    🤣💖Some of it is so funny... but so true!...I was raised without a mom so I really struggled with being feminine my younger years...I can definitely take notes on improvements

  • DearMsFabulous
    DearMsFabulous  4 months ago

    Shera is my shero!

  • Spartan Man
    Spartan Man  4 months ago

    more like women are too dumb these days

  • bleu Hea
    bleu Hea  5 months ago


  • FIRE
    FIRE  5 months ago

    Im just 17 is there something wrong with me being more masculine? I like technology, games and building. I wear men clothing, because I like them and are more comfortable as I'm 5'10 tall and most woman clothing can be too short on me. And I don't like to show my shape, because I'm so insecure of it. I don't have much boobies or butt either.

  • Gish the great
    Gish the great  5 months ago +1

    Baby girl I need you to up that volume a bit I can barely hear you but overall you make some good Keynotes except for a couple of things like fun you a drink and men only wanted one thing. A man is not obligated the buy you a drink when you first meet you to a man that's a red flag it signifies to him that you are looking for one thing yourself, and if that man does by your drink and you walk off he just wasted 10 to $20 on you and his mine you're Off to the Races stampeding to the next man. The trick to this by yourself a drink first and if he doesn't offer you or drink after you're done then you can walk away it will show it to him that you're self-sufficient. Now as far as man only wanted one thing that could be true but that's only true for those who are not getting what they want meaning the plum tree on a consistent basis, a man who receiving his treats on a continuous basis is looking for a woman oh he can build with or who can do certain things for him that the other can't do you dig and last but not least the man is the prize not the woman you have to remember there's more women out here than there are men. Women out due men by 20 to 40% For every one man or more Women to pick from the litter that's the whole reason why women are more forgiving when a man cheats, just food for thought

  • Tamara Reed
    Tamara Reed  5 months ago +1

    New subbie, I had my first sugar daddy at 14, he was 21 and gave me everything, money, car, apartment, his last name.Got em!

  • Tamara Reed
    Tamara Reed  5 months ago +2

    I love you, I've been like this my whole life.Dont hate the playa, hate the Game!

  • Primal Emerge
    Primal Emerge  5 months ago

    You might be clean but you look like you stink! Lmao

  • Primal Emerge
    Primal Emerge  5 months ago +5

    Omg... You are the daddy he never had! That was so funny. Preach Ashera

  • Le Hornet
    Le Hornet  7 months ago

    you are helping me collaborate thoughts for my poem, my neighbour said similar things, now i need to add perspective. thanks my lady... not man... man i could call a lot of ladies. 😎

  • a. Marie
    a. Marie  7 months ago +3

    You are by far, the most empowering women in the feminine energy community I've seen on YouTube. Thank you!