Men of Steal - Who Is This Man? Gameplay

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 14, 2019
  • "Who Is This Man?" Voted Best Game of the Year by "Ukrainian Bath Salts Addict Who Developed This Game" magazine!Follow us on Twitter: n stuff:


  • Mat Garro
    Mat Garro  1 months ago +301

    Man what a moral quandary. On the one hand he’s a thief, on the other hand he’s stealing from Hitler...

  • Bill Wilson
    Bill Wilson  1 months ago +795

    You start with 3.6 coin. Not great, not terrible.

  • Aditya Priyadarshi
    Aditya Priyadarshi  1 months ago +610

    Achievement Hunter plays Thief while Funhaus plays its Russian bootleg bastard cousin

  • breadcan
    breadcan  1 months ago +425

    I feel like "It's a Russian knock-off of Hello Neighbor" is a description that can also be used to describe Hello Neighbor.

  • Ryan Quinlan
    Ryan Quinlan  1 months ago +385

    No matter how many times I see an ad for Crawl, I’m not going to watch it

  • MrScrawnjuan
    MrScrawnjuan  1 months ago +383

    Lawrence: This is what your dad did Adam. Settled down into a nice suburban life, he looked around and was like, "You know what, I just need to start a new game." Went out for cigarettes.
    Straight savage. Hilarious.

  • SirBanana
    SirBanana  1 months ago +385

    This is just Thief Simulator with Hitler.

  • ThaneofFife
    ThaneofFife  1 months ago +73

    The first time ever Adam accidentally caused a glitch and was mildly annoyed by it.

  • BirdyLegs
    BirdyLegs  1 months ago +237

    Adam glitching a game? Never would've guessed.

  • Matt Collins
    Matt Collins  1 months ago +40

    James: Make sure you lock the door so you don't get robbed.
    Adam: Immediately leaves the door wide open and gets robbed.

  • Cristina C.
    Cristina C.  1 months ago +207

    wasn't Hello Neighbor made by a russian company ?

  • Devang Nivatkar
    Devang Nivatkar  1 months ago +50

    I'm pretty sure that coin miner will install an actual coin miner on your PC.

  • alex tomlinson
    alex tomlinson  1 months ago +66

    When Lawrence said “this is what you’re dad did Adam” and he sounded like he wasn’t joking I thought that two of my dads were going to fight

  • lil Artman X
    lil Artman X  1 months ago +64

    Funhaus + Russian Games = Reason I am alive

  • Hungry Epic Boys
    Hungry Epic Boys  1 months ago +17

    James’ love for Russian culture makes a lot of sense once you consider the things they value over there, like jacked dudes performing manly feats, the pioneering of cinema, and their terrible record of human rights abuses.
    All lines up

  • Joseph Tumminelli
    Joseph Tumminelli  1 months ago +11

    James: I got p58fc
    Adam: Ok br3vc
    Adam types in username
    Adam: What was it?
    James: Forgot it

  • Tiler Durpen
    Tiler Durpen  1 months ago +19

    I loved the Arrested Development sad walk 😂😂

  • Victor Huff
    Victor Huff  1 months ago +7

    That...that's just a router with sticks of RAM glued to the top...

  • Morgan Meme Machine
    Morgan Meme Machine  1 months ago +11

    Thought it was another Thief gameplay DX

  • Woolfie McPoshinson
    Woolfie McPoshinson  1 months ago +37

    Is this gonna be the new "My summer car"?