Jonas Brothers - Sucker

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 28, 2019
  • Sucker (Official Video)

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    Video Director: Anthony Mandler
    Video Producer: Richard Fenton
    Video Editor: Taylor Ward
    for Blackhand Cinema

    Music video by Jonas Brothers performing Sucker. © 2019 Jonas Brothers Recording, Limited Liability Company, under exclusive license to Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


  • Tia is Short  (Feb 28, 2019))

    One sec, I gotta go hang my old Jonas Brother posters back up.

  • Visualx - GR  (5 hours ago))

    im the eleventh liker loll so lucky

  • Amy FUn  (1 day ago))

    Jonas brothers= back Me= excitedNew song= fire Music video= confusionHotel= trivago

  • Icy_playz _gacha  (33 minutes ago))


  • That Msp Player  (1 hour ago))

    +Amy FUn prob copied it to

  • *Priyanka is beautiful, Sophie is stunning, Danielle is classy, and they are all funny, Jonas Brothers are so lucky!!* 💕💕I made a cover and dance of this song, really appreciate you guys can give it a listen, really love this song! 😍😍

  • Prithiviraj Balaji  (46 minutes ago))

    Priyanka is there?!! Where?!

  • Priyanka? is it from ZGIRLS? What time

  • TeaWithMe ;  (1 day ago))

    *Those 68k dislikes are obviously those couples having a dead relationship.*

  • Jim_Pin  (5 hours ago))

    Arian SerranoYou obviously don’t like the Jonas Brothers, so why are you here? So concerned and obsessed with people you don’t like smh.

  • Aracely Gamiño  (7 hours ago))


  • Judley Abraham  (2 days ago))

    They finally remember the password for their channel

  • Abhyuday Singh  (7 hours ago))

    Goog one bro

  • masilamani ramalingam  (7 hours ago))


  • Fro 227  (4 days ago))

    I’m just surprised they remembered their YouTube password after all this time 😂

  • Cukkie  (1 hour ago))

    +Daniel Guillaume-Sam r/woooooooosh

  • syed shahrukh  (6 hours ago))

    What a humor 😂 lol thanks

  • Infinity 8D Music  (1 day ago))

    "Joke's on you. The Jonas Brothers can't break up, they're brothers!"I made 8D AUDIO of this song if you guys want a live experience💖Have a lovelyy day! :)

  • ETOY  (1 day ago))

    Moving around balance is not 8D.

  • Andrew Jones  (1 day ago))


  • F T  (1 day ago))

    Who needs models when you have beautiful & hot wife/fiance like them!also it saves money 😎😂

  • leo fernandez  (3 hours ago))

    Baby them an there wives are hella fine

  • Prakhar Jain  (1 day ago))

    sophie turner's so awesome ... have watched the video 10 times just looking at her awesomeness

  • Lindsay Grant  (20 hours ago))

    Right! She really gets into it and sings along

  • Geeta Dahiya  (2 days ago))

    Who's here before 100 MILLION??!!😻😻😻

  • Unicorn Girl  (1 hour ago))


  • Allura Of Altaea  (3 hours ago))

    I WAS