twenty one pilots - Holding on to You (Behind the Scenes)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 27, 2012
  • a behind the scenes look into twenty one pilots' music video for "Holding on to You" from the album, 'Vessel' - available now on Fueled By Ramen!

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    Shot and edited by Reel Bear Media


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  • Ethan Slamberry
    Ethan Slamberry  6 hours ago +1


  • lucas giacobini
    lucas giacobini  2 days ago

    What song is it 3:02?

  • Milly Harris
    Milly Harris  4 days ago +1

    Tyler’s face after the noose part killed me. He was so happy before and then it went around his neck and he got sad and confused. I’m gonna cry because of that. Also please don’t self harm. You are loved

  • Palomita De Maiz
    Palomita De Maiz  7 days ago


  • Jaime Simmøns
    Jaime Simmøns  14 days ago

    I love Tyler too much to ever let him put a rope around his neck ever again

  • Julia Finley
    Julia Finley  14 days ago

    this video just makes me say, "bubba don be sad, be happ. youll make it."

  • Eliza Hamilton
    Eliza Hamilton  21 days ago

    “my mom says i have really good eyelashes”
    you do, tyler. you do.

  • hushknahum
    hushknahum  21 days ago

    i forgot there was a music video for this

  • bandito tøp eggito
    bandito tøp eggito  21 days ago

    Tyler is so precious :>

  • PanickingForNoReason¿
    PanickingForNoReason¿  21 days ago +1

    They tOok hOTyy oFf tHe seT lIist

  • Grace johnston
    Grace johnston  28 days ago +1

    I wonder if will smith was one of the dancers 😂

  • Soup Time Now time
    Soup Time Now time  28 days ago

    You really get to see them making each other happy in this video

  • Chépatitapatoutapata Blin

    2012 oh my fuckin god.

    Here we are 2k19. o-O
    I still love you guys so much <3

  • Rosie Van Diest
    Rosie Van Diest  1 months ago +1

    As a dancer I appreciate the fact that they included dance in this. It's two forms of art combined. It's great.

    It's SICK!

  • alizarin
    alizarin  1 months ago

    oof he seems so sad :((((

  • Myrah Contento
    Myrah Contento  1 months ago +1

    Tyler was so much more soft and his voice high-pitched. what has trench done to this man

  • Rosie Winchester
    Rosie Winchester  1 months ago

    His hands at the end I’m crying

  • Rosie Winchester
    Rosie Winchester  1 months ago

    “Do guys in bow ties rap?”
    How about you go talk to the doctor about that?

  • Mas73r0fP0k3m0n
    Mas73r0fP0k3m0n  1 months ago

    bro that's a long time ago

  • Noart Lover
    Noart Lover  1 months ago

    This looks so recent, i think i'm old