John Harbaugh: Proud to Beat the Patriots | Baltimore Ravens

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 3, 2019
  • Head Coach John Harbaugh talks about the heart his young team showed after the Patriots mounted a comeback and more.

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  • Thomas Fletcher
    Thomas Fletcher  2 months ago

    Yea , that wasn't a lucky win , like the Dolphins had against the pats last year . No the Ravens beat them soundly . It was a pleasure to watch .

    PROVEN KNOWLEDGE  2 months ago

    Awesome team win! Incredible Coaching on both sides of the ball 🏈

    DAVID  2 months ago

    Enjoy while you can, you won't get a bi week to get ready next time.

  • CJ
    CJ  2 months ago

    This guy is a tool.

  • Serge Baron
    Serge Baron  2 months ago

    I believe that was the super bowl .game to me.!!!!!!

  • Windy City
    Windy City  2 months ago +1

    It should be everyone's perogitive to shut down dynasty's. The only team I seen capable of different thinking is the Ravens. The 1950's mind frame forcing players to play other positions coming in from the combine is only maintaining the same structure. They're gonna try to destroy Lamar but any player with any intelligence will know not to intentionally hurt that man.

  • Marlene Nodine she is amazing the best act

    Fuck you lamar Jackson fuck you john harhsugh burn in hell 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👹👹👹👹👹👹

  • Mr j
    Mr j  2 months ago

    Lmao when a team finally beats the patriots, they act like they won the chip or some

  • Wade Tomczyk
    Wade Tomczyk  2 months ago

    Congrats on your Super Bowl

  • Aaron
    Aaron  2 months ago

    It’s like he won the super bowl he’s that happy gimme a fucking break hahahahahaha

  • mrhyde2484
    mrhyde2484  2 months ago

    M&T was rocking Sunday night. Harbaugh and the whole brain trust is looking pretty good right now. This team has a real identity with Lamar, Ingram. the 3 headed beast of tight ends, Hollywood, the corners. man I'm excited about this team. Hope we get a great pass rusher in the next draft.

  • Michel Francois
    Michel Francois  2 months ago

    the browns were proud to beat you too, yeah the hapless browns

  • vipahman
    vipahman  2 months ago

    Patriots fan here. I was very impressed with the play calling from the sideline and Jackson's composure at every snap. I think you guys are Super Bowl bound as Jackson has been amazing at both the run and pass this year. Good luck!

  • Alpa
    Alpa  2 months ago

    As a Patriots fan, the Lamar Jackson played great. He made it super awkward for the defense

  • Straight Talk w/ Stanton podcast

    When you have brady boy and the pats angry during the game,you know your making a statement.RAVENS NATION SINCE THE BEGINNING.Lamar jackson great addition to the team.

  • The real
    The real  2 months ago

    A face of relief.
    Glad Flaco kick rocks😆
    I should've been fired🙁

  • Charles L Jones
    Charles L Jones  2 months ago

    For all the times the patriots cheated ... And officials kept them undefeated.... The ravens came in and closed the door....and said no losses.... nevermore.

  • zSupreme Elite
    zSupreme Elite  2 months ago

    LoL won’t happen again See y’all in the playoffs 👊

  • Jack White
    Jack White  2 months ago +1

    The ravens super bowl is in early November lol. You wonder why the pats win it every year.

  • C.S.Allen
    C.S.Allen  2 months ago

    How the hell did this team that lost against the browns win against the Pats?! You can't be a gambling man anymore with the NFL.