AirPod Pro's falling out of your ears? Try this free solution!

  • Published on:  Thursday, October 15, 2020
  • The original AirPods fit me well and didn't fall out, audio quality was fine, too. Always interested in improving the status quo, when I learned about AirPods Pro I was attracted to the advanced features and potential sound quality improvement. The typical foam ear tips found on many earbuds irritate my skin; AirPods Pro feature a non-foam soft tip to seal out external noise and retain each AirPod in one's ear canal. Some AirPod Pro users have reported their AirPod Pros don't fit securely and at times fall out. I experienced this myself and looked for a solution. Aftermarket foam tips or accessory attachable retainers work well for some, however I didn't want to modify the comfort level and wearability of my AirPod Pros. This morning I had a thought to slightly rotate each earpiece upward once fitted into my ear canal. Just, and let me emphasize just, enough so the extended microphone portion rested against the Tragus of my ear. This slight rotation caused a friction fit of each earpiece, allowing the Pros to be retained in my ear not only by the soft cup at the end of the AirPod but also enhance the friction fit by using the Tragus portion of my ear to ever so slightly wedge the extended microphone against the Tragus which then slightly compressed the ear cup inside my ear canal for a friction fit. Give it a try, it's working well for me!