The Rollable OLED TV: The Potential is Real!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 9, 2019
  • A rolled-up TV in a box seems pretty weird at first... This is dope tech with potential! This is the LG OLED TV R.Alternate title - The LG Rollable OLED TV: March Rollout? 😵 Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.comVideo Gear I use: I'm using right now:


  • Pavan M Gowda
    Pavan M Gowda  7 months ago +1147

    "Honey, the damn TV is stuck in the box again!"

  • William Wesemann
    William Wesemann  7 months ago +540

    they should have called it the ROLED TV

  • LGAustralia
    LGAustralia  7 months ago +639

    They see me rollin'.

    HENRY THE RC CAR  7 months ago +604

    It's a cool way to avoid dust build up on the screen 👍

  • Juan T
    Juan T  7 months ago +142

    I wonder if we'll be able to use the speaker via bluetooth without having to pop the tv out?

  • Crimson Arzuros
    Crimson Arzuros  7 months ago +1906

    Samsung: Look at our super cool 8k TVs!
    LG: But can you do this?

  • Linkmon99
    Linkmon99  7 months ago +445

    Yeah Marques, THIS is what I wanted

  • Rahil
    Rahil  7 months ago +126

    Nice easy format for thieves to carry if your house gets burgled

  • every thing
    every thing  7 months ago +95

    Ok how much do my eyes cost

  • SunSon29
    SunSon29  7 months ago +79

    I dont know how much is it, but i am sure i cannot afford it.

  • Tobi Olusola
    Tobi Olusola  7 months ago +878

    But does it have a headphone jack.

  • noneya
    noneya  7 months ago +37

    Also, an option of turning it upside down. For different ways to display. Wall hanging or hang from ceiling.

  • Joseph Sivits
    Joseph Sivits  7 months ago +20

    SONY: Our 3D TVis the future.
    SAMSUNG: Our curved TV is going to be the future.

  • Juan T
    Juan T  7 months ago +42

    Will Marques buy one? Nah. LG will be sure to hook him up for free so he can review it for advertising.

  • asim hossain
    asim hossain  yesterday

    If they made a tv that hangs in the walland comes down, the gravity would make the realese faster

  • Lashan
    Lashan  7 months ago +1532

    They really missed one hell of a marketing opportunity by not calling it a ROLED TV

  • Retrovibes
    Retrovibes  7 months ago +19

    It has interesting pros and cons. LG could make the TV detect the correct aspect ratio and auto-adjust. It looks good and minimal. It has the nice half-screen mode presenting useful information.
    Some cons: it introduces the possibility of mechanical failure. Screen durability with real word usage is another thing. And waiting for the screen to roll up is definitely not as convenient as a tradicional TV just switching on.

  • Whole Food Plant-Based Man

    So, it has a motor that can break down.

  • Pranay Pathole
    Pranay Pathole  7 months ago +13


  • Cambo
    Cambo  7 months ago +32

    Dear Marques Brownlee, why were you sooo dismissive of Formula 1 world champion Nico Rosberg in the video he just uploaded???
    All F1 fans 😂