Online Vs. Real-Life Shopping Challenge: Winter Sun Vacation

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 9, 2019
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  • Rachel Owens Pierre
    Rachel Owens Pierre  6 months ago +1914

    The blonde sisters outfit was much cuter she should have won

  • Andrea Kohn
    Andrea Kohn  6 months ago +2375

    The red and black outfit was hands down better.

  • olivia potter
    olivia potter  6 months ago +1380

    the black looks better though

  • Kia Brown
    Kia Brown  6 months ago +844

    The black swimsuit and red cover-up paired so much better than the red suit and yellow cover-up?! How the heck did Chloe's pairing win?!

  • K MB
    K MB  6 months ago +544

    Chloe: grabs a black bag "It's not that beachy"... and there are literally straw bags RIGHT NEXT TO IT.

  • Taylor E
    Taylor E  6 months ago +255

    I like the all black swimsuit even better than the black and white! There's a lot going on with both the swimsuit itself and the outfit so the all black looks really classy.

  • Courtney Dickson
    Courtney Dickson  6 months ago +175

    The blondes outfit was the winner. No question. The other one didn’t even look good together

  • Rey Kenobi
    Rey Kenobi  6 months ago +275

    I liked Becky's (the blonde one) outfit more, even though the swimsuit was the wrong color. Red and Black is such a classic combo that it still worked.
    I do prefer ordering online over IRL because you have a lot more options in the same place, especially with places like Amazon than you would have even all over a sprawling huge mall, let alone a single shop. Plus, practically you can also return something you don't like and unless the store has some asinine "buyer pays for return shipping" policy, its not a big hassle to return/replace an item.

  • PoohBearShawty2011
    PoohBearShawty2011  6 months ago +437

    She could’ve went to Walmart, Ross, Marshall’s, or TJ Maxx.. they ALWAYS have swimsuits

  • Kristian Fernbratt
    Kristian Fernbratt  6 months ago +263

    I would give the style point to the other one!

  • Vivian Ramirez
    Vivian Ramirez  6 months ago +16

    I don’t understand why Chloe won she went to target and her outfit was a mess

  • serenesista
    serenesista  6 months ago +42

    The black is better than the black and white swimsuit. I say that's a happy accident.

  • jmkool
    jmkool  6 months ago +122

    Disagree with the winner. The one with the red kimono looked so much better

  • Gabriella Louise
    Gabriella Louise  6 months ago +242

    Okay but American Eagle just came out with so many bathing suits and does California hot have bathing suit stores? I live in Canada and you could find a bathing suit without going to target

  • PhoenixRaven
    PhoenixRaven  6 months ago +52

    Ngl I liked Becky's more - it seemed like Chloe just bought the first thing that seemed to work

  • TeaSippingZombie
    TeaSippingZombie  6 months ago +65

    Does anyone else think they are horrible shoppers lmao. I'm suprised online girl spent more than mall but she probably didn't care lowest to highest like us non youtubers

  • Cord Cable mcarthur
    Cord Cable mcarthur  6 months ago +342

    its like -10 degrees rn

  • Felice Moran
    Felice Moran  6 months ago +74

    Y did in store win? When online was the bestest

  • Tina Lynn
    Tina Lynn  6 months ago +81

    The in real life shopper should have gone to a thrift store or an head shop to get the bag just saying

  • Nefarious Nia
    Nefarious Nia  6 months ago +7

    I think they both looked good. I personally liked Becky's outfit better.