Revealed: Omarosa Secretly Recorded President Donald Trump | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018
  • The reporter, Lachlan Markay, who broke the “Omarosa tapes” story joins Ari Melber first on “The Beat”, revealing the former White House aide's secretly recorded conversations with President Trump don’t appear to be “quite so incriminating as the Michael Cohen recordings” but that it points to “a major breach of trust by someone who is very close to the President”.
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    Revealed: Omarosa Secretly Recorded President Donald Trump | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  • Dead Dentist
    Dead Dentist  a years ago


  • Dead Dentist
    Dead Dentist  a years ago

    omarosa is still bitter ABOUT looking like a baby on the first apprentice. but NOT an innocent one. she decided to join the HATERS AND PROFIT FROM HATE!!!! peace and love from San Antonio Texas,Grace

  • Hot Sas
    Hot Sas  a years ago

    Tremendously brilliant Omarosa.

  • Cayce thomas
    Cayce thomas  a years ago

    yup... some women are born hustlers... they will do anything to brag or beg for favors...

  • Gigi M
    Gigi M  a years ago +1

    In the audio she recorded, when she was fired, it was extremely obvious and clear that she wanted to talk to the president to convince him not to fire her. But the general told her "this is not negotiable". In that particular moment our president instantly became racist, bigot, incompetent, not fit for president etc. etc.
    Till then, she could not rest praising him, his genius and his hard work for this country.
    She is the biggest snake ever existed. She should go to prison for espionage in the White House. Recording the president and his staff members without permission and their knowledge is an act of espionage.

  • Gigi M
    Gigi M  a years ago +1

    Saw the video. What a SNAKE !!!!!!!

  • Dale Marie Evans
    Dale Marie Evans  a years ago

    Omarosa killed Michael Clarke Duncan and then sucked all the penises on the Apprentice. Than sucked all the penises on the Hill. Which one tasted the best? Your Husband or theirs. You lowlife 🐕. Go wash your tongue

    NDFOOTBALL  a years ago

    Who cares... #WalkAway from the liberal plantation and free yourself from bondage and chains

  • Cutepuppylover 555

    This isn’t about the book!!! The woman was used and then fired!!! Wtf of course she fired back with proof thank god for her!!!

  • tomjan
    tomjan  a years ago

    She's EVIL, proven two-faced and is working or being used by Globalist to take Trump down, in my opinion.

  • Kristopher Nunez
    Kristopher Nunez  a years ago

    Soooo where is the tape? Have they played it?

  • Lorene Folwer
    Lorene Folwer  a years ago

    Yeah I know he was not qualified to be the president United States of America and so did all of you.

  • Deidre Muhammad
    Deidre Muhammad  a years ago

    The new "smuggly puff"!

  • Nuno Melo
    Nuno Melo  a years ago

    Not a fan but she is the next sacha Baron Cohen

  • Paresh Jaini
    Paresh Jaini  a years ago

    Something is fishy. She revealed that DJT likes attention and controversy. Therefore, I wonder if Omarosa and DJT are working together in having her spur this whole controversy. Maybe he is cosigning this book? Nobody has yet asked her during interviews about her relationship with DJT now. So, she has not had to deny that they are still working together.

  • MaFess ABR
    MaFess ABR  a years ago

    Wow ..what an introduction from MSNBC!!!

  • NewtonDynamics
    NewtonDynamics  a years ago

    What a Blow.!!
    My guess is that Omarosa will probably has an unexpected accident and we will find her Death maybe some radio active substance the way the done in Russia.
    From now on we should call Omarosa the female Joseph Valachi, she should get witness protection.

  • Priceless Inspiration by SHE

    I wish they report the issue and not the Foolishness, There's so focus on her recording but not focus on what was recorded, and they are reporters not, go back to school , Maybe they're learn something next time🤔🤔🤔😎😎

  • Diss Info
    Diss Info  a years ago

    Was it part of Trump's tranny team?

  • Your Mother
    Your Mother  a years ago

    If Omarosa wasn’t fired she would still be sitting on his d***. She defended him all the time knowing he was in the wrong.