James O'Brien v Jacob Rees-Mogg On Brexit - Interview In Full - LBC

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 20, 2019
  • James O'Brien and Jacob Rees-Mogg clashed in spectacular fashion during a very feisty interview on the UK leaving the European Union.The pair locked horns hours before MPs voted on Theresa May's Brexit deal for the first time.Subscribe to LBC: http://bit.ly/SubscribeToLBCLBC: Leading Britain's ConversationDAB Digital Radio | 97.3FM FM London


  • Kay Walsh
    Kay Walsh  14 days ago +247

    Why doesn't James O' Brien just interview himself and not waste the time of interviewees?

  • Derek Franks
    Derek Franks  21 days ago +214

    I have never seen a more unprofessional interview, all the tuts, sighs and dismissive comments no impartiality whatsoever.

  • British values G
    British values G  21 days ago +185

    The pure arrogance and disrespect shown by James justifies why so many people dislikes the man!

  • Westham till I die
    Westham till I die  21 days ago +558

    Obrien is like a petulant child huffing and puffing every time Jacob rips him a new one

  • Keith Needham
    Keith Needham  21 days ago +249

    Mogg the snowflake slayer totally destroyed the 🛎🔚 obrien 🤪😄😄😄

  • 39evilbro
    39evilbro  21 days ago +89

    O’Brien is so frustrating to watch. He doesn’t let anyone speak ever. If he doesn’t like the answers he just rants and huffs and puffs. He’s such a rude man.

  • Andy Frost
    Andy Frost  21 days ago +139

    Why Jacob Rees Mogg lowers himself to be interviewed by this arrogant disrespectful twit I have no idea. That has to be by far and away the most appalling interview I've ever watched. Two observations though: the unashamed contempt that James O'Brien has of Leavers and also, he's clearly getting nervous that he's about to see his dream of Remaining fall to pieces.
    Looking forward to seeing JOB in tears on November 1st.

  • Niz Viz
    Niz Viz  21 days ago +173

    Poor old O'Brien hasn't got a clue what is going on.

  • Tony Bevel
    Tony Bevel  21 days ago +302

    A complete demolition job on a left wing half wit who speaks over his guest with petulant sighs and gestures when he loses the point.
    A total rout.

  • Daniel McClenaghan
    Daniel McClenaghan  21 days ago +406

    What ever your politics ,I think you have to agree O’Brian behaved like a belligerent child He really let himself down.

  • Mango K
    Mango K  21 days ago +84

    He is soo rude and embarrassing...JOB I mean!
    When he sighs after each response he clearly isn't interested in the answer so why is giving an interview?

  • Adam Hopkins
    Adam Hopkins  21 days ago +61

    James - owned by Jacob Rees Mogg - absolutely owned loved it - what a self opinionated ar** wipe - my god now wonder the UK is in such a mess with people like this spewing inaccuracies - well done JRM 👍

  • micktric
    micktric  21 days ago +49

    Rees Mogg is polite and answers all the questions , the interviewer is appalling, rude, ignorant and the tone in his voice is disgraceful.

  • Steven Jacobs
    Steven Jacobs  7 days ago +16

    James just cannot accept that he has met his match. Jacob is very calm and calculated. James looks like an incoherent alcoholic shouting at the moon.

  • David Everson
    David Everson  21 days ago +283

    LBC it wasn't a 'feisty interview'. It was a journalistic embarrassment. O' Brien's attitude was absolutely bizarre, the sarcastic mumbling every time he was proven wrong wasn't useful to anyone.

  • David James Bolger
    David James Bolger  21 days ago +50

    O’Brien has to pull every bargain basement bit of sophistry and deception out of his hat against Mogg. Loaded questions, appeals for authority and the rest. None of it works. Mogg has to much cognitive ability and deep knowledge of the subject matter.

  • David James Bolger
    David James Bolger  21 days ago +236

    O’Brien reveals himself 🙂
    Some men get nasty when they are confronted and bested hehe.

  • Christine Bernard
    Christine Bernard  14 days ago +101

    Where do you get your patience fromJacob? Always the complete gentleman. Unlike the absolute PRAT who is interviewing you

  • justin buckley
    justin buckley  21 days ago +242

    You did not answer the question the way I wanted so I'm stamping my feet and cutting you off..

  • Like Climbing But Easier
    Like Climbing But Easier  21 days ago +140

    LBC get this man off your airwaves immediately. James o Brien is an Utter disgrace of an interviewer and presenter