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  • Published on:  Monday, May 13, 2019
  • $TUDY BEAT$ underground phonk , vapor trap and lofi memphis phonk mixTRAPPIN IN JAPAN EX plus Alpha 2Edited by :RyanCelsiuspeel.Ǝ V I L Æ S T H Ǝ T I C テレ。 = more underground , harder 𝞪lpha = more lofi , more vaportrap influenceEX 𝑝𝑙𝑢𝑠 𝞪lpha modifier enabled+10 gxng+5 experimental+5 chill+10 vapor2 x multiplier enabled-----------------TRACKLIST------------------------------------0:00 VOODOO - Crimerate0:43 SPYDER550 - GODDD MODE3:58 HPSHAWTY w/ jak3 - GETTIN REAL BUCK7:27 RONNY J x XXXTENTACION - Shining Like the Northstar (destxmido不足 remaster)8:56 FREDDIE DREDD x YVNCC - DITTO10:50 The Third Child - Real Underground Shit12:53 Youth N Asia - My Hood17:39 luxxius - SPARK A WOOD MIX21:22 SPORT - MY MONEY DON'T FADE AWAY25:31 The Virus And Antidote - CrystalOscillator27:05 Dj AMADEEZY - STR8 FROM THE BRAIN29:39 SPYDER550 - ACID THXG33:18 tripatape - DAYS OF OUR LIVES34:40 shyguy - about it36:44 INSO - SICK N TIRED (STONEDOGG)38:16 VOODOO - Unnamed Memories42:08 BURNR - STEADY WATCHIN44:54 tropicana - HOEZ47:10 kushface - COMIN 4 DEM PESOS50:33 kushface - LIKE A PLAYA SHOULD52:35 CRIMSXN SOURBOYS - MIDNIGHT54:53 FREDDIE DREDD - VISIONSCREDITS57:30 FREDDIE DREDD - BITCH MADEAFTER CREDIT EASTER EGGStropes - mothership gliding----------------------------------------------------------------Official Merch : Spotify Playlist: :▶▶ATTENTION ARTISTS AND PRODUCERS▶▶----Submissions: Free Music Distribution on spotify , itunes , and more▶▶Community: ---t-shirts: :▶▶Images: out the 24/7 Live Stream !▶▶Bother me on social media things ▶▶ ryancelsius


  • Apoc Krysis  2 months ago

    Dope mix! Freddie dredd x yvncc ditto produced by me and sic n tired prod by me #doomshop

  • Ryan Howard  1 months ago

    Apoc Krysis Freddie low key growing on me. Lyrics tend to sound similar, but he brings something to the table. Keep it up boys

  • pousXB  1 months ago

    sik beet

  • Thanks for checking out the mix! Let me know what your favorite tracks are and I'll release those as singles

  • David Dejesus  16 days ago

    R y a n C e l s i u s ° S o u n d s sport - my money don’t fade away

  • Megan Heldt  28 days ago

    Third child- that real underground shit was Fuego my dude

  • steven magana  2 months ago

    Hope for my funeral they play this fire as I am burned in the crematorium.

  • clzam m  1 months ago

    that is funny and sad in the same time lmao

  • Michael Sperato  2 months ago

    That's funny I think about the same shit! I thought I was the only one. I want my departure to the next life lit! Bury me with sum drank sum dank a pack of papers and liter just so I can spark!

  • Brandon Butler  2 months ago

    You really need to consider putting on shows bro. Idk if you know to live mix like that, but it would be amazing to watch your set with some Japanese visuals mixed in with some anime fight scenes.My squad would go insane lol

  • Dave FX  13 days ago

    My herd of goats and I would go absolutely bonkers mate!

  • Mlg Quickscoper  1 months ago

    Check out my new editing channel dedicated to fighting visuals

  • jasper newcombe  2 months ago

    This is exactly the sort of energy you need when you have 15 architectural models to be built by next thursday.

  • Kendal Leonard  28 days ago

    i feel ya

  • Melissa Taylor  1 months ago


  • Cyril Figgis  2 months ago

    Dope mix and visuals. Anything coming from RC° is always certified 🔥🔥🔥

  • Damian S.  2 months ago

    Minimum requirements for this kind of music:2.1 SoundSystemMy Phonies won't gimme tha whole powah! :O

  • Ellis Perez  2 months ago

    thank you I have finals this week and IMMMMM DYYYYYIINNNNG

  • Alex Haile  2 months ago

    Hang tough! Take care of yo future, nigga

  • Dr. Sweetlove  1 months ago

    Study beats but the second the mix plays everyone just turns the notes into rolling papers.

  • Eric Holt  26 days ago

    Dr. Sweetlove forreal

  • Jared Bates  1 months ago

    0:50 is a film known as Tag, known in Japan as Real Onigokko (Japanese: リアル鬼ごっこ

  • The bus scene was crazy lol