Dope Tech: The 4K OLED Wallpaper TV!

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 1, 2017
  • LG 4K OLED W: Possibly the most glorious wall-mounted TV of all time. A look into the future of television panels.

    LG 4K OLED W:

    Videos played on the TV:

    Video Gear I use:


    TV provided by LG for video.


  • Carol Vad
    Carol Vad  7 days ago

    I really like LG.

  • Taz-on-the-loose Yusef

    there were once ancient civilizations before then they reached their most advanced stage and suddenly disappeared, im sure the current civilization is nearing an end too, cro magnons will soon roam the earth to start new civilizations and earth will be known by another name

  • kvh
    kvh  21 days ago

    NOTE: The soundbar does not sound good for a 8000 dollar tv.. i recomend getting other atmos speakers for this tv

  • The Infamous JuneBugg

    Can u buy that sound bar separate asking for a friend🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Antonio G-P
    Antonio G-P  a months ago +1

    3:47 You lucky boy

  • Evelyn Mathanarajah
    Evelyn Mathanarajah  a months ago

    Guys this is a discontinued product...

  • Cari S
    Cari S  a months ago +2

    Not as thin as my wallet..

  • mayukh bejoy
    mayukh bejoy  a months ago

    Saw this in my lg c8 oled tv

  • Unknown Uknown
    Unknown Uknown  2 months ago

    I have to say this TV is not beautiful

  • DarklingGolem
    DarklingGolem  2 months ago

    It would be really cool if you hid that cable!!

  • xtension xward
    xtension xward  2 months ago

    great now i have to figure out where to put the sound bar .. thanks LG .....

  • Satbir Kenth
    Satbir Kenth  3 months ago

    nice video Marques - thanks Can anyone help confirm that you can add a seperate sound bar to this tv???

  • Malek Esper
    Malek Esper  3 months ago +1

    beautiful TV too expensive I don't think it's worth that much especially with technology on TVs everyday change

  • Buddy Butt
    Buddy Butt  4 months ago

    8k qled

  • Gene Sky
    Gene Sky  4 months ago

    Stupid humans

  • Aditya Verma
    Aditya Verma  4 months ago

    In India its 45000usd lol

  • Johnathon Zimmerman
    Johnathon Zimmerman  4 months ago

    Odd question since it has nothing to do with the TV, but what focal length of lens are you using at 4:47?

  • Ayan
    Ayan  5 months ago

    So no one gonna talk about that green shell snipe?

    CHIKENNUGGT  5 months ago

    Imagine it in 8k

  • angelndisguys
    angelndisguys  5 months ago

    On sale for $4499 at Wal-Mart right now. Not a good sign.