Rudest Auditions EVER on X Factor Global!

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 11, 2017
  • ▶︎Rudest Auditions EVER on X Factor Global!

    ▶︎ Get ready guys, these contestants aren't happy!

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  • Madae Arena
    Madae Arena  42 minutes ago


  • StrawberryMacaron
    StrawberryMacaron  an hour ago

    Ashwin’s not the best singer in the country,
    Not in the continent,
    Not in the world,
    Not in the galaxy,
    But he the best singer in the universe.

    Well, in some other universe that is...

    The universe that doesn’t exist.

    SUPERJENS 123  an hour ago +1

    My face while watchin' this

  • Spencer Hill
    Spencer Hill  4 hours ago

    the first one is definitley fake

  • David Sim Music
    David Sim Music  8 hours ago

    Sharon ‘have you studied singing?’ What, like Ozzy...?

  • Keri Sullivan-Brown

  • darcy nicholson
    darcy nicholson  9 hours ago

    Is it just me or can u tell the singers are gonna be good or bad just the way their attitude and looks are😂

  • Hazardous
    Hazardous  9 hours ago

    Micheal: I can so just sit here and cry 😂

  • Maahidul Shorder
    Maahidul Shorder  11 hours ago

    • •

  • Junel Peralta
    Junel Peralta  13 hours ago


  • Jessie Goodman
    Jessie Goodman  21 hours ago +1

    Dude that first one “ur terrible!” “No wayyyyyyyy!”

  • shimmer lps girls
    shimmer lps girls  22 hours ago

    * secound guy makes dance routine and sings *

    Me: What do u think this is?? World of dance 😂

  • shimmer lps girls
    shimmer lps girls  22 hours ago

    Judges: You did terrible to be honest 😒

    Me: * punches there face digitally on TV *

  • shimmer lps girls
    shimmer lps girls  22 hours ago

    First girl: * Cry's against wall *

    Me: There there Zoey.. at least u have a bit of wat people call Hope

  • shimmer lps girls
    shimmer lps girls  22 hours ago

    Simon: That was terrible

    First girl: No way.. 😱

    Simon: I'm afraid so

    Me: Welp her self asteam will come back the day that pigs fly

  • Akary
    Akary  22 hours ago

    You are all so judgemental rofl.... isnt that the function...

  • Holden Hash
    Holden Hash  23 hours ago

    Why does the fist one sound like post Malone

  • Baddie Mali
    Baddie Mali  23 hours ago

    2.24 was my reaction like 😂😂

  • Shining Stunfisk
    Shining Stunfisk  yesterday +2

    Why does that Michael guy make me think of a worse prince charming from Shrek?

  • layla
    layla  yesterday

    Dang ashwin