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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
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  • The DDG Family
    The DDG Family  2 months ago +6772

    But i'm childish right? cool.

  • Savage Squad Tv
    Savage Squad Tv  7 minutes ago

    All this shit really seem lame af... but I guess it's whateva too y'all nigga when that bag on the line plus all y'all pages slowly dying I get it.. 😂😂🤣

  • Savage Squad Tv
    Savage Squad Tv  9 minutes ago

    Awww naw this shit went to a new level of Bitchtivity y'all niggaz gotta Box G 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • brenda williams
    brenda williams  16 hours ago +1

    No you're not Childish....hold on change is coming. Keep your head up!

  • Aston Wildman
    Aston Wildman  23 hours ago

    You are the big and mcorl I feel sorry
    For you 🙏😔😔🙁🙁😞☹️ I don't know when jigger is going to gown up!!!!

    • Aston Wildman
      Aston Wildman  23 hours ago

      What the fuck is this doing to car bitch is a idet

  • Amarian Williams

    touch ddg car im going to jump dro this vidoe and beat you

  • Tae Smith
    Tae Smith  6 days ago

    Fuck him bro keep yo head up💯

  • andre adams
    andre adams  10 days ago

    Eggs mess up paint. Its scientifically proven. Happened to me before to.

  • Jordan Anderson
    Jordan Anderson  10 days ago

    I feel down

  • J Booker
    J Booker  17 days ago


  • ninja yells at kid

    I love your 20 min vids and you 10 ads

  • Denaja Gladden
    Denaja Gladden  23 days ago

    Beat that nigha ass aye make eat the grass kick that nigha ass

  • jamontay mobley
    jamontay mobley  1 months ago

    You ddg fuck a hater keep doing u

  • Quavontis Moneyy
    Quavontis Moneyy  1 months ago

    YouTubers soft af

  • Quavontis Moneyy
    Quavontis Moneyy  1 months ago

    I like ddg but this nigga talking bout he do hard work when real people out here Slaving for a job that’s 11$ an hour yet they just be chilling all day they just gotta sit behind a computer and upload a video not even breaking a sweat

  • Ryah Marquez
    Ryah Marquez  1 months ago

    DDG beat his ass

  • Jordan 1834
    Jordan 1834  1 months ago +1

    Stop cryn

  • Original Blood
    Original Blood  1 months ago

    Niggas lame asf

  • Dale Bell
    Dale Bell  1 months ago

    Ddg u took it to far

  • Dale Bell
    Dale Bell  1 months ago

    All u had to do was wash your car he gotta pay for he's shit to get fixed