Sound of the City · Jazzy ' Boom Bap ' Chill Hip Hop Mix 2016 by Phoniks

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 1, 2016
  • Spotify Playlist: the essence of artists like Pete Rock and DJ Premier, we teamed up with producer Phoniks to bring you an hour of the best original Boom Bap / Jazz infused Hip Hop from their label Don’t Sleep Records. For those of you waiting for City Nights 9, this will hit the spot! Enjoy ♥Free Download:’t Sleep Records is an independent record label founded by Awon & Phoniks with roots in Portland, ME and Newport News, VA. They represent a collection of artists including Dephlow, Tiff The Gift, Peebs The Prophet, MZ Boom Bap and Anti-Lilly. The label specializes in soul and jazz infused hip hop music and limited edition vinyl releases.▬ Connect With The Creators ▬● Don't Sleep Records✔✔✔✔● Phoniks✔✔✔● Awon✔✔✔▬ Tracklist ▬00:00 1. Awon, Dephlow & Phoniks - Street Jazz [Premiere]02:27 2. Awon & MZ Boom Bap - Life Over Death [Premiere]05:48 3. Tiff The Gift - Changed Hearts (Phoniks Remix)09:29 4. Mos Def - Travellin’ Man (Phoniks Remix)12:55 5. Awon & Phoniks - Street Saga (Remix)15:14 6. Peebs The Prophet - Dead Calm (prod. Phoniks)18:03 7. Anti-Lilly - Brick Buildings (prod. Phoniks)21:09 8. MZ Boom Bap - Heard Em Say ft. Curtis Roach [Premiere]24:48 9. Phoniks - Satellites (Instrumental) [Premiere]28:22 10. Tiff The Gift - Somebody (prod. Link Rust) [Premiere]31:26 11. Phoniks - Jazz Hands (Instrumental) [Premiere]32:32 12. Awon & Phoniks - Escaping Youth35:48 13. Awon & Phoniks - Problem Solver38:26 14. Awon & Dephlow - Real Hip Hop (Phoniks Remix)42:12 15. Phoniks - Price Is Right (Instrumental) [Premiere]45:29 16. Awon & Dephlow - Step Up (prod. Phoniks)48:40 17. Dephlow - Time Is The Teacher ft. Awon (prod. Phoniks)52:01 18. Tiff The Gift - Love Runs The Streets ft. Awon & Dephlow [Premiere]▬ More Chillhop ▬● Spotify Playlists »● YouTube Playlists »● YouTube Mixes »● Chillhop Radio »● (Free) Downloads »▬ Useful Links ▬● Submit Music »● Using our Music in Videos »● Support Chillhop & Get Free stuff »▬ Social Media ▬● Twitter »● SoundCloud »● Facebook »● Reddit »◄► If any producer or label has an issue with any of the uploads please get in contact with me via the "about" tab of our channel and we will delete it immediately (this includes artists of the images used).