China formally arrests detained Canadians on state secret charges

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 16, 2019
  • Chinese authorities have formally arrested two Canadians detained last year, Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig, on state secrets charges, China's foreign ministry said on Thursday, in what is likely to further increase tensions between Ottawa and Beijing.The measures were in accordance with the law, Lu said, and Beijing hoped Canada "will not make irresponsible remarks" about law enforcement and judicial proceedings in China.Businessman Michael Spavor, who worked with North Korea, and former diplomat Michael Kovrig were detained separately in December, shortly after Canada arrested Huawei Technologies Co Ltd Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou, who faces extradition to the United States.For more info, please go to to Global News Channel HERE: Global News on Facebook HERE: Global News on Twitter HERE: Global News on Instagram HERE:


  • Shawn Marla  1 months ago

    I feel bad for those fellow Canadians knowing that our prime minister is an incompetent fool.

  • Dear Father  1 months ago

    Don’t feel bad, they’re drug dealers, they’re not good people

  • Lar M  1 months ago

    What Trudeau can do is to send a missile to Beijing marked registered mail to Xi Jin Ping !

  • Nightcor EDM  1 months ago

    Can you release Huawei CEO's daughter already dumbfvck

  • Lar M  1 months ago

    Trudeau and his party took millions of donation from Socialist dictatorship China and now this is how this 'donor' treating him back !

  • Donkey Kong  1 months ago

    Because China isn’t a democracy doesn’t make foreigners to the nation innocent of spying. Frankly spying on China is most intensive because westerners want to know how the deal makers in China.

  • hogensan  1 months ago

    Canada political system is totally corrupt along with its legal system.You are slaves.

  • Eric Cartman  1 months ago

    You realize the CCP killed millions of people to get into power in the 50s and have an authoritarian control of the whole nation? There's no checks and balances in China. There's no free speech.If you speak of turn in China, you disappear and that's that.

  • Shawn Marla  1 months ago

    Joe Ward .Da. Kiba lay off the cool aid moron

  • They are following North Korea's lead. Detain/ charge foreigners in hope of using the tactic as leverage against their government.

  • Erion Kola  1 months ago

    Like Canada did xD? Even the lawyers said that the arrest was unlawful . But whatever we all know that we all protect our nationals . Canada talks about thee rule of law but in china the law is if u are cought selling drugs u get a life sentence but Canada wants the guy arrested to not suffer the consequences :) .

  • Cave Man  24 days ago

    Good job China, you don’t want to be so kind from now on. Those two men should have been taking off street long time ago.

  • Lar M  1 months ago

    These commie can charge anybody whatever they see fit. If they are not evacuated from this brutal dictator public execution totally without trial will be next.

  • JESUS SON OF GOD  1 months ago

    уσυ ∂ση'т тαℓк тσσ мυ¢н ;!! ! ask yourself first, what are you doing to them !!!ƒαят ƒα¢є !! !!

  • Black Label  1 months ago

    Does Justin Trudeau still admire "China's Basic Dictatorship"?

  • Lar M  1 months ago

    The 'Basic' is to know how to run tanks over your defenseless OWN people in the name of counter revolutionary.

  • Lar M  1 months ago

    I wonder if he has seen the tanks action in Beijing on June 4th 1989. 30 years already !

  • 吃茶猫  1 months ago

    Justice upheld!

  • Phala Son  1 months ago

    吃茶猫 Your intention is to boost your social credit score by making clueless comments in

  • Ebony Maw  1 months ago

    @Shawn Marla I think you mean smoke more *opium