Aries - Too Far Gone - December BONUS

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 7, 2019
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  • Dione Grace
    Dione Grace  21 days ago

    That " I CAN NOT" was the best!!!🤣😂

  • Haya Hashal
    Haya Hashal  21 days ago

    I kept trying to watch this reading for 3 days as I feel this is for me, after watching it I feel that I don’t need to ask you for a personal reading, this is just creepily and sadly accurate 💔❤️ and true I was in crossroads and he was trying to speed it up ! ( controlling as you said)
    thank you 🙏🏻

  • Stina Sigga
    Stina Sigga  21 days ago

    Thank you 🐏💜

  • Julbutterfly
    Julbutterfly  28 days ago +1

    No longer share with him because every and anything gets thrown in my face and used against me! He's a Taurus though, and controlling as well.

  • Ana Herrera
    Ana Herrera  28 days ago +1

    I've been patiently waiting for another reading on Aries 😩

  • Sathtra
    Sathtra  28 days ago

    Thank you for the reading.

  • Lisa Charles
    Lisa Charles  28 days ago +1

    He is a Cancer, the love of my life. Thank you. Me Aries sun, Aquarius rising and Scorpio Moon... I will not attempt to open that door. Nor will I shed another tear. He is exactly what you said “ he can’t let go of past hurts from others” and has to be completely in “Control” you nailed it!

  • Marija Prokic
    Marija Prokic  1 months ago

    Love you ❤️

  • SteveandShayTv
    SteveandShayTv  1 months ago +1

    Mine is a Leo narcissist. Thank God it’s over! Spot on. Keep posting.

  • Melanated Seoul
    Melanated Seoul  1 months ago +1

    The Confirmation is Appreciated..

  • ahjade chen
    ahjade chen  1 months ago

    yes, Leo drained me.  Libra won't let go of her.  Although I left Leo a year ago, but I still feel uneasy on this matter.  Donation by PayPal is on the way.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS.  Thank you for your reading.

  • mz booshay
    mz booshay  1 months ago

    My gemini just asked me to be his woman and told me hes thinking of marriage. I'm so lost about this reading smh

  • Naynay Gallegos
    Naynay Gallegos  1 months ago

    All of them co-workers and grown

  • Naynay Gallegos
    Naynay Gallegos  1 months ago

    Go easy I know I'm hard but I work hard and I'm not waiting 6 months for him to come if he wanted me he would have stayed

  • Ellen Mixon
    Ellen Mixon  1 months ago +1

    I heard the gun

  • Ellen Mixon
    Ellen Mixon  1 months ago +2

    You call it the path- my dream showed a railroad --- I DID NOT BUY THE TICKET!

  • Dave Martani
    Dave Martani  1 months ago

    There is no set time to grieve in. One might not grieve every day but you're not going to get over it in an hour either. Stick to the tarot and nix the advice. Your reading also sucked.

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa  1 months ago +1

    He’s an Aquarius! I always appreciate yours and Tyler tarot’s readings. Always accurate if I can resonate with if, and never full of filler bs. I can’t with one person at times because it’s always marriage and babies lol.

  • Twin Ram Bull
    Twin Ram Bull  1 months ago +2

    Not even the first 10 minutes in and you're already nailing it... it's back and forth. We're both controlling and I feel this other person always has to "win" at my expense in certain contexts. I feel they don't tell me a lot of things, and I don't a third party involved a lot of things either. He's an Aquarius. This whole thing has been so heavy and seemingly came out of nowhere, it's like my head snapped forward into what might actually be happening.

  • Pennie Sheriff
    Pennie Sheriff  1 months ago

    Lose a child and tell me how long to grieve karma might let you know