Prawn Mixed Jackfruit Seed Curry Cooking By Kids For Picnic - Angel Kids Eating Show Of Village

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 22, 2019
  • Amazing 20+ village kids prepared / cooking gravy curry of big shrimp/prawn fish with jackfruit seed for picnic food. They cooked food as they want. No adult peoples help them to prepared food. In this cooking show all the shrimp cutting & processing by two girls mainly name Fatema & Yeasmin. They are two sister. Fatema age 11 Years and Yeasmin age 10 years old only. Others all kids just help them to process jackfruit seed and other tools. Fatema can cook everything cause she cook regularly for her family. Her mother is sick, so she handle everything in family.

    This picnic called by village children "Choroivati"

    This is a cooking show by village children, who is only 6-11 years old. This is an entertainment show and no injury or harm has happened during the cooking and filming. They loves to cook, they even helps the adults cook for the whole village. We never force them to do anything and they are in good hands because older doing all cooking for her family. We do everything carefully to assure that they do not get hurt. We sometimes don’t light up the fire until she puts all the ingredients in the pot. This is like making movie or drama. They do it as playing thing. They enjoy like games. This is traditional system of village children picnic. This nostalgic things for village people or who raise in village but lives in town.

    This food coking show also funding by AroundMeBD channel as village food charity work. We do love my village kids and want to prepared different kind of foods for them. This food program totally prepared by them and we just provide all masala and others thing to prepared / cooking food.

    NOTE: They cooked as their playing time and even they cooked while playing. No children miss school or study for this cooking. And also all children parent give us permission to come to my cooking program.