Del City Orders me to Move my Cars!!

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 26, 2019
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  • bill nalder  2 months ago

    Wait, why cant you go talk to the City first and find out exactly what the Ordinance is that you are violating or how you can legally get it changed...certainly a few cars are ok on a commercial zoned property. Probably it all came from some complaint- like the guy that stole your trailer the first time!..haha

  • Freek Faro  2 months ago

    @hrep14 wouldn't it be nice if Randy knew what he was yapping about, like knowing what that ordinance is about before whining and showing himself as the victim, or even before starting that business activity ... I've the video with him working on a Dodge Dart and man man man, I'm not an expert, but that looked clumsy.

  • Joe Justjoe  2 months ago

    @hrep14 I agree. I wouldn't even consider a Copart vehicle for a flip. Much better deals buying from individuals who are selling. It's just a matter of smoking out the sellers who need the $$$. The 1 out of 10 Copart vehicle that is worth buying has 20 other cockroaches bidding on it. Fugg that shite. :-)

  • Damian Lachapelle  2 months ago

    The guy who stole your trailer ,got his feeling hurt ! When you got trailer back !!! Then called city . Hands down that what happed

  • ger traba  2 months ago

    @WILLIS CURRY more than a shakedown, the gas station up the street don't want any competition

  • Lar Ada-Koski  2 months ago

    That was my first thoughts

  • J Gott  2 months ago

    Read the notice to the end. It says they realize there may be unusual circumstances. Quit having a pity party, go to the city and see what the resolution is for you to maintain occupying the property. I’m guessing there is required permits you didn’t get or don’t have. You have been having a rough go, but you gotta go into things with a positive mental attitude. No one(except the guy who tried stealing your trailer and was caught) is out to get you. Also, you need to take your computer home or get ...

  • Nicky D  2 months ago

    @Eric Touani your just a hater

  • J Gott  2 months ago

    Cleveland Maker I wasn’t being rude. Read the entire notice, the City is willing to work with him. That’s all I was saying. And I also was trying to helpHim keep his iMac from being stolen. So if that’s rude, I’ll keep being an asshole.

  • Kip Duncan  2 months ago

    Clear back lot. Put up 6 foot privacy fence and keep going. As long as they are not visible from the road!

  • ger traba  2 months ago

    @biljerr nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! goverment is FOR THE PEEEPOLE !!!!!:))

  • biljerr  2 months ago

    they will look over the fence del city is corrupt

  • autobuff65  2 months ago

    Probably a zoning issue call the city (and be polite)ask what you need to do .may be as simple as a permit

  • TheRed Raven  2 months ago

    Whole most likely just fight the city and I'm pretty sure they have a case it's just a city pickin that's all

  • Wilby Jijo  2 months ago

    @autobuff65 hahahaha. Just FACTS my brother. Just facts!

  • Twisted Harlock  2 months ago

    Call the city and ask questions... I’m sure it’s a easy fix

  • Muskoka Mike  2 months ago

    @MindBlown Watcher I bet a phone call explaining what his business is would clear it all up in a second.

  • fandangdo2  2 months ago

    Someday you will get robbed, viewers know your shop address you filming inside the shop and there is a lot of expensive equipment. Please be careful and think before you do something safety number first. This and other your videos is perfect plan for bad people, that door they can kick it out in one minute they would know where is expensive stuff placed from your videos. Several people, couple of minutes and your shop is empty.

  • Cincy Spin  2 months ago

    @Power 2 Weight Yeah, then he can join Chris in jail. Between the time in jail, the court appearances and the attorney's fees, there will be no business to come back to if you ever do get out of jail... even if you are innocent. But think of the traffic you'll get on YouTube! Oh, that's won't be able to talk about your case (if you have a smart attorney), so there will be no YouTube videos about it. So now you got nothin. Sounds like a plan! But it might be easier just to get some theft i...

  • mimixownzall  2 months ago

    You're being dumb. It is a shop. Every shop has the same shit. It is a business. He needs people to know where to contact him to get more business. Don't be naive.

  • BTL crypto  2 months ago

    Randy fix the fence and park it inside , then its parking in your property✌👍

  • TCFDOD2007  2 months ago

    @Nicky D That is true if he has his repair buisness licensed for that location. I don't know if Randy does or doesn't, I just watch his videos 😊

  • Nicky D  2 months ago

    @BTXRE but the cars arent junk since he is repairing them

  • Clyde Undefined  2 months ago

    Talk to the city. They probably have some ordnance you need to comply with.

  • Thirty Three  2 months ago

    6:20 You are sitting on a gold mine and don't know it. Fiber connection. You need to change your business strategy. You are not a garage or car salesman. You are an internet media company. Fixing car videos is just your subject matter for now. The cars are props for the videos.

  • Todd Kleinert  2 months ago

    He advocates for the independent car cab companies, like Uber and Lyft. So maybe these cars are all your rebuilds that go up on turo.. An experiment and done as a sole proprietor. That is a simple and easy license.

  • bigfra79  2 months ago

    Thirty ThreeThis is one quality response. Randy could avoid a severe ball ache by doing this.