3 Easy DIY Treats for Your Dog

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 10, 2017
  • diy chicken jerky for dogs
    easy dog ice pops
    sweet potatoes dog treats

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  • Chicken in space gaming 18

    ШТF шаs dат Nоisе GULР 1:11

  • Mr Moe
    Mr Moe  21 days ago

    I do love your Dogs

  • Keira Ann
    Keira Ann  1 months ago

    He gave 0 fucks pouring that peanut butter water 😂

  • hu clone2006
    hu clone2006  1 months ago

    I have 2 dogs and i learned that dogs love all food including lemon

  • Sara Stephenson
    Sara Stephenson  2 months ago

    Dogs can eat raw meat. I mean what about their counterpart wolfs?

  • Teddy Davis
    Teddy Davis  3 months ago

    Beautiful dogs

  • Autumns Fit
    Autumns Fit  4 months ago

    I absolutely love this video coolestttttttt

  • rohit k
    rohit k  4 months ago

    Make more videos like this instead of making always kitchen gadgets videos.

  • Cara Francisco
    Cara Francisco  4 months ago

    Your so cute 😊

  • aly antillon
    aly antillon  5 months ago

    you should do an amsr video of your dogs eating cooked meat

  • Stefano Odoacre
    Stefano Odoacre  5 months ago

    you are embrassing: if you go on so the white dog bite the black and white dog...

  • Mathew Dewsbury
    Mathew Dewsbury  5 months ago

    4:35 Ouch!

  • nseight
    nseight  6 months ago


  • Colleen Nykoluk
    Colleen Nykoluk  6 months ago

    Your a awesome doggie daddy

  • Christie McArthur
    Christie McArthur  6 months ago

    Beautiful dogs!

  • Timothy Hairfield
    Timothy Hairfield  6 months ago

    Who else noticed Hugo nod when Taras asked if they wanted ice cream? 6:06

  • Vaishnavi Pillai
    Vaishnavi Pillai  6 months ago

    Did hugo just look up and nod when taras asked if they wanted ice cream😍😍😍😍❤️...these dogsss🙈🙈

  • Katarina Martinova
    Katarina Martinova  6 months ago

    I would place the potato chips over or uder the chicken so that they get the smell of the chicken on them.

  • Saboween
    Saboween  6 months ago

    raw meat is really good too for your because dogs because they are chewing the meat so that is good for their teeth

  • IamKorry That’sme
    IamKorry That’sme  6 months ago

    Great videos❤️! Thank you so much 😊! I’m so excited to make for my dog soon