Rebuilding A Wrecked 2017 Dodge Hellcat Part 9

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  • Published on:  Friday, September 7, 2018
  • What a crazy journey rebuilding a wrecked car can be! A Dodge Hellcat makes the process a whole lot more interesting. We have learned a bunch and happy to share it with you guys! This is only the beginning to an awesome channel. Follow along and see what happens next!!! -GOONZQUAD T-Shirts: A Patron: :


  • George Raab
    George Raab  11 months ago +356

    I can't wait for the new shop. Your videos are getting better and better. I'm definitely addicted to the channel. By far the best channel on Youtube. :-)

  • tbirdracefan
    tbirdracefan  11 months ago +84

    I was hoping for a bigger shop for you. At least you will have a place to work when the weather is against you. Make sure you insulate it since you will be using it full time. Radiant heat though un-insulated walls and ceiling will make a shop unusable in the daytime during the summer months. Roll up doors on north and south side will provide nice ventilation when needed.

  • David Marko
    David Marko  11 months ago +79

    You guys should rebuild another sports bike I really liked the CBR1000 that you guys had :)

  • gary price
    gary price  11 months ago +82

    I am 44 years old based in the UK, part one of this hellcat was the first vid I ever watched of yours and I will be honest I was thinking who are these two little shits with their fancy talk.
    Well I have been proven massively wrong, so impressed with your work and dedication
    I am a business owner myself and you two have what it takes to succeed
    Well done really from an old guy, I have a feeling you two are going to go far in life
    I actually look forward to your next installments on this car, you got a new sub

  • Christian Kunze
    Christian Kunze  11 months ago +39

    i wonna see Rebuilding A Wrecked 2018 Dodge Hellcat Part hurry up Dudes!! :D

  • Cyu Agen
    Cyu Agen  11 months ago +10

    Y'all should make a 'just like OEM' shirt!!!

  • Big Mo
    Big Mo  11 months ago +8

    Vacuuming/detail tip: use your compressor/air nozzle with one hand and vacuum in the other. Air-jet dust/debris loose and capture with vacuum. All those little crevices will look almost OEM

  • Leewho Gabrieli
    Leewho Gabrieli  11 months ago +5

    After the hellcat rebuild a camaro

    VEDEM RACING  11 months ago +13

    Great video as always guys! Nothing better than a build coming together... now I’m looking for something else since I finished my Wrecked Mustang Build! 👍

  • Alex Dayton
    Alex Dayton  11 months ago +63

    Also are you gonna get a lift for the shop?

  • Sravan S Viswam
    Sravan S Viswam  11 months ago +1

    addicted to this channel.....thumps up for the new shop...
    Can't wait to see all bad boys together...

  • psolta
    psolta  11 months ago +1

    You guys deserve the new shop. Amazing hard work on all the cars. I like how you guys with limited space and equipment never cut corners. Keep it up boys!

  • Christian Lauderdale
    Christian Lauderdale  11 months ago +1

    Man the editing is so on point guys. Now you're mixing audio tracks together on top of it? Absolutely sick. Y'all are killin' it! Keep up the awesome work you'll be in the million sub club before you know it.

  • Canguro398ferozYT yeah
    Canguro398ferozYT yeah  11 months ago +1

    Who was here before 100,000 i subscribed at 80k and that was about 8months ago your growing so fast Next year your proble be at 1mil

  • Vice Plug
    Vice Plug  11 months ago +39

    I clicked on so fast the video didn’t want to load 😂

  • John Ready
    John Ready  11 months ago

    Google chain saw fails and see what happens to most cutting tree branches when on a ladder , you are damn lucky it didn't take you out.
    Stay safe !!

  • Dylan Clayton
    Dylan Clayton  11 months ago +2

    Love the cars can't wait to see the hell cat all done and see the shop build

  • Don Baus
    Don Baus  11 months ago +3

    450,000 members you are doin something wright . Keep it up !

  • Ross Campbell
    Ross Campbell  11 months ago +1

    Hardest working and best results on all of YouTube. Also top notch photography, editing, and music choices.

  • Its Tremendous
    Its Tremendous  11 months ago +1

    Who else likes the video before watching ? 🤟