Who Is Chris Sharma?

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 21, 2007
  • Chris Sharma's journey, adapted from the film KING LINES, including still photography by Corey Rich. Featuring Sharma's route Three Degrees of Separation, a 5.15 that has still never been repeated 7 years later. Download the full KING LINES film here: http://www.bigupproductions.com/films/king-lines/


  • bakedwithrealchez
    bakedwithrealchez  a years ago

    I miss climbing so much

  • Brian F
    Brian F  a years ago

    Oh wow. This is inspiration! I find it so analogous to my Christian walk. I love the way Chris keeps trying for that hold and it seems like he puts everything into it and completely lets go to make the next hold/step. Great video footage!

  • Daniel Gould
    Daniel Gould  a years ago

    I only went bouldering once, absolutely loved it, but damn, how do people find the sand to climb like this? I get dizzy on a thick carpet, it boggles the mind :p

  • Toni Grau
    Toni Grau  3 years ago

    vaya máquina,es un puto amo!!!

  • mungunsukh dulamsuren

    the best

  • Freddie Waters
    Freddie Waters  5 years ago

    granted adam is in a league of his own, but he has tried this route and been unable to do the big dyno, even as a single move without having done the rest of the climb first.

  • alejandro baño Marín

    chris sharma es una puta maquina escalando me encanta jajaja

  • julie owens
    julie owens  5 years ago +2

    I love this guy he is awesome I could not dream of climbing that I thought I was pretty good climbing 12 a when I was 12 but this guy is freaking awesome

  • El Nics
    El Nics  6 years ago +1

    does anyone know the name of the song that starts at 3:27?

  • Weak-Man Productions

    Jumbo Love 5.15b

  • Grant Albert
    Grant Albert  6 years ago +3

    Why is this not an Olympic sport?

  • zach perrin
    zach perrin  6 years ago +1

    go away...

  • topviewshoot
    topviewshoot  6 years ago


  • Froopla1
    Froopla1  6 years ago

    As someone from also santacruz, I can say that he most likely is.

  • Keniath
    Keniath  7 years ago

    i dont really think thats a problem with so many sponsors...

  • Ben Mccarthy
    Ben Mccarthy  7 years ago

    1:07 where is it ?

  • Nicolás Szumski
    Nicolás Szumski  7 years ago

    0:35 - 0:37... Venezuela?

  • James Richards
    James Richards  7 years ago

    And skill

  • James Richards
    James Richards  7 years ago

    Damm you Chris! I want your job!

  • diego garcia perez

    the best