BTS (방탄소년단) 'FAKE LOVE' Official MV (Extended ver.)

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 1, 2018
  • BTS (방탄소년단) 'FAKE LOVE' Official MV (Extended ver.)Director : YongSeok Choi (Lumpens)Assistant Director : WonJu Lee, Guzza, HyeJeong Park, MinJe Jeong (Lumpens)Director of Photography : HyunWoo Nam(GDW)Gaffer : HyunSuk Song (Real Lighting)Art Director : JinSil Park Bona Kim (MU:E)Construction Manager : SukKi Song Special Effect : DemolitionBigHit Entertainment. Rights are reserved selectively in the video.Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, KoreaConnect with BTS: content certified by Big Hit Entertainment


  • 나우미김
    나우미김  1 months ago +1641

    BTS: Billboard???
    Me: Just for you...
    BTS: Daesang???
    Me: Just for you...
    BTS: Millions of sales???
    Me: Just for you...
    BTS: Study???
    Me: Who are you???

  • NDB Nguyễn
    NDB Nguyễn  14 days ago +530

    Who is still here in august 2019?
    And do you love?
    Kim Nam Joon- like
    Kim Seok Jin- like
    Min Yoongi- like
    Jung HoSeok- like
    Park Jimin- like
    Kim TaeHyung- like
    Jeon JungKook- like
    BTS- like, comments
    Not who- thanks for the view

  • JWolf
    JWolf  2 months ago +1058

    Guys I think I finally understood the meaning of the video and the song, I wrote a whole explanation with 2 steps : 1. The video and 2. The meaning + lyrics
    It's just an idea of it, sorry in advanced if I misunderstood some parts :
    Video :
    At first, we see Jin in a room with a flower in a kind of "box".
    When Jin closes the curtain, behind this window is Jungkook.
    In another scene, we see RM looking in the mirror and behind this mirror is Jungkook.
    After we see J-Hope in a toy room, And behind the door is still Jungkook.
    Then we see Jimin who is also in a room and Jungkook is above him and sees him.
    We also see in the next scene V in a room, full of small mirrors or phone (I'm not sure) and Jungkook sees him too.
    They are all locked in a room, Jungkook is in a dark room but he can see all his friends stuck, alone.
    In the next scene, Jungkook is in a rather empty place but we find the "box" without the flower on sand and in the background a waterfall.
    He bends down and takes the sand in his hands, lets it slip from his hands and we are shown the shadow of Jungkook, at that moment petals fly from his hands. After, a hidden door in the waterfall opened.
    In Jimin's room, water comes out of the wall, that of Suga, the room burns, we see J-Hope being sucked by snickers and in that of V, "phones" start flashing and behind is a wall where its written "save me".
    Jungkook enters this mysterious room that has just opened and meets a person in a black dress with a mask.
    Jungkook is in another place, in black dress and join other people with masks, in turn he puts the mask and walls falls on them.
    Meaning + word:
    The flower represents a dream.
    Everyone is locked in a room because they are stuck in another personality and because of that they do not know themselves anymore.
    Jungkook may see them because he's the only one who can save them? Idk
    When Jungkook arrives in this place with the waterfall, we see that the flower is no longer in the "box" because "this dream" could never achieve . By taking the sand he opens a secret door, he meets this man who is a stranger in a black dress with a mask, after, Jungkook is in another place and will join the other people. These people are all strangers because they wear a mask, and in turn he also puts on the mask.
    These people are the members of the BTS group who hide behind a mask, that is to say, their true personality. And the wall falls on them because it will be so for "always", stuck in the skin of another person they do not know.
    The lyrics have a hidden message. "Fake Love" can replace "Fake Identity", they say that like looking in the mirror they do not recognize themselves , they can pretend to be happy when they are in pain etc...
    We all know they are talking to one person or something but who or what? And "this dream" can represent freedom.
    I think they are talking about their career because they are all ready to give up their true face for music but they're getting sick of hiding themselves.
    I hope you understand what I meant and sorry if my English is not correct. Again what I just said is just an idea and my opinion.
    Thank you for reading 😊

  • elyse kammelar
    elyse kammelar  2 months ago +1733

    normal people: drowning in water
    meanwhile with J-hope 4:23
    J-hope: drowning in snickers

  • jukbaeoppa
    jukbaeoppa  2 months ago +104

    Dear BTS,
    U helped me so much in my life I can’t explain it. U helped me love myself. I can’t just thank you.
    Namjoon: Thank you SO much! If not for you, BTS wouldn’t exist. You are amazing and smart! God of destruction.
    Jin: Thank you. You are the one who makes people laugh most of the time. Your Dad jokes. Worldwide handsome.
    Suga: Thank you. Your rapping skills are unbelievable! You are calm and LISTEN BOY!
    J-Hope: Thank you. You make us happy. You are literal sunshine. You are just amazing. And. YOU HATE SNAKEU
    Jimin: Thank you. You are clumsy 😂. Your voice is so cute! You don’t need abs to succeed.
    Tae: Thank you. You are amazing at acting! Your deep voice. Your creativity is out of the roof! SIT DOWN.
    Jungkook: Ah Kookie. You are AMAZING at art. I can’t explain how good you are at everything 😂.
    BTS if I had to describe you in 2 words, it would be
    Life Changing
    I love you

  • Kookie Agust_D
    Kookie Agust_D  1 months ago +318

    Me: OMG calls 911
    911: Hello this is 911 whats ur emergency
    Me: I would like to report someone
    911: You need to report who and why?
    Me: I need to report snickers cuz my hope
    drowned in lots of snickers
    911: hangs up

  • Kim Chagi
    Kim Chagi  2 months ago +196

    I love that guitar sound
    Like i feel the pain when i hear it
    Like i lose something but i dont know what
    Like i miss someone but i dont know who

  • K i t s u n e
    K i t s u n e  2 months ago +495

    sees tallest hooded figure I SEE U RM
    sees shortest hooded figure I SEE U JIMIN.
    sees hooded figure with the widest shoulders SEOKJINNIE I SEE U

  • - ShaniraJi -
    - ShaniraJi -  a years ago +11166

    Year 2092, I'm 92. I still don't understand bighit's story.

  • A Syrdal
    A Syrdal  2 months ago +331

    Me, coming after watching original video: Well, this is cool, same scenes so far...
    song starts
    EDIT: Omg, thanks for the likes! :P

  • { l a z y v i b e s }
    { l a z y v i b e s }  2 months ago +40

    — At 0:44 Jimin is in a dance studio, probably because he was the top student of his dance class.
    — At 1:21 Hobi is trapped inside of a room filled with things that you would see at a carnival or circus, probably because of a memory that he has of his mother leaving him behind at a carnival/circus
    — These are the two things that I noticed about the mv, there could be more but who knows :')

  • Athena Chanel
    Athena Chanel  2 months ago +116

    Who’s still watching ?
    Make it blue

  • Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA
    Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA  2 months ago +325

    4:23 rip jhope by snickers
    1 like = save jhope getting eaten by....
    the snickers that his mom gave to him
    5:04 put your device upside down and pause
    O thx for the likes

  • july bello
    july bello  11 months ago +1277


  • Ashley Wend24
    Ashley Wend24  2 months ago +198


  • mÿ śügā
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  • N A
    N A  2 months ago +32

    Why am I just watching it now? I should have known BTS and watched this MV a long time ago. THIS IS MASTERPIECE!! 😭✨

  • Shabu Siddu
    Shabu Siddu  21 days ago +41

    I know the first from right in the hooded figures is V, because only his mask has red lips.
    Also i know the tallest one is RM & the one with broad shoulders is Jin.
    2 smallest hooded figures is Jimin & Suga😊
    Of course the one in the centre is JK so the remaining one is Hobi😂

  • Red - Panda
    Red - Panda  2 months ago +87

    sees BTS height difference
    Me: LOL-
    ME: And eye oop-

  • Sidra A.R.M.Ynator
    Sidra A.R.M.Ynator  2 months ago +109

    Pause your video at 2:04!!!!
    Now that's an ANGRY Jungkook!!!