432 Hz Music to Calm Down Breathing || Slow Breathing Exercise 5bpm to 2bpm || Meditation Music

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 11, 2018
  • This particular music/track is especially designed to help you calm down breathing and thus bringing the stress down. We start with around 5 full cycles of breathing per minute and bring it down to 2 full cycles per minute. By Full Cycle we mean
    Inhale - Hold - Exhale.
    So we start with around 4 secs of inhale, 4 secs of hold and 4 secs of exhale cycle and bring it gradually down to 10 secs of each - inhale, hold and exhale. When you practice this exercise, as Yogi Bhajan said ".. you become the light and knowledge of the prana, and then you know the Universe, the Universe knows you.. "

    You just follow the bells as you breathe. Each cycle consists of 3 bells. One main and 2 small, main bell indicates inhale, and other 2 indicate hold and exhale. Just align you breathing with the track and focus on your breathing and allow yourself to calm down.

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  • Mintlastkings Forever


    KARMAWORKS  2 months ago +1

    I'm so angry about peopel around me! ":@", i hope to calm down with this waves...

  • tamie341
    tamie341  2 months ago

    What is the image of? Drop of water on a microscope?

  • The Great Papyrus
    The Great Papyrus  6 months ago

    I’m watching this because I needed to slow down my heart rate to see how long I can hold my breath for

  • Virtualghost
    Virtualghost  8 months ago

    Anybody deal with a form of anxiety or stress factor that they suddenly felt this uncontrollable faster and deeper normal breaths they take? Especially at night? Hoping it's nothing

  • G moulli
    G moulli  9 months ago


  • Simona Colella
    Simona Colella  10 months ago

    Fantastic deep breathing meditation music. Thank you!

  • Baba Shanti
    Baba Shanti  a years ago

    Try this on LSD

  • Mai Mohamed
    Mai Mohamed  a years ago

    This is different and beautiful, thank you🙏😊✨

  • Aashhu Parwanda
    Aashhu Parwanda  a years ago

    THANKU SO MUCH...your efforts are so beautiful...
    I want to learn and join your team....
    How to contact you...
    Many blessings to the team...

  • Anya
    Anya  a years ago

    Does this have other healing properties besides the breathing?

  • Anya
    Anya  a years ago

    Reminds me of the sun

  • Gideon Engelbrecht
    Gideon Engelbrecht  a years ago +7

    In my opinion, by far the most beneficial video posted by meditative mind. Please post more breath related videos

  • Val Val
    Val Val  a years ago


  • Arensipensi
    Arensipensi  a years ago

    i have thought deep and deeper, i have felt, fallen, risen! Many the pitfalls many the stones on the way. But there is one thing which does not require any reason or explanation. That is Love.

  • Freigeist Victoria

    boring, boring, boring

  • David Marks
    David Marks  a years ago +5

    I love the deep rumble sound. Its causing me to vibrate. Lovely feeling. I have listened to many different meditation musics but this one is fantastic.

  • David Marks
    David Marks  a years ago

    Really nice. I will usually feel the music in 2nd or third chakra, but this time straight away I was feeling strong vibrations around the heart chakra. Thank you.

  • Ady Day
    Ady Day  a years ago

    The earths frequency????

  • Ms. Rinki
    Ms. Rinki  a years ago

    Thanks 😊