Binging with Babish: Parm Heros from Lots of Things

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 20, 2018
  • The chicken/meatball/eggplant/veal parm hero - not only is it my death row meal, it's the object of affection for many of our favorite fictional characters. Spongebob buys an entire house made of parm hero, Joey Tribbiani nearly takes a bullet for one, Agent Harris feeds one directly to a parasite plaguing his body. Go way over the line for this Italian-American classic today - and yes, in this context, it's spelled 'heros'. I think.

    Music: "unna" by Broke for Free

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  • Trevor Tucker  (Mar 20, 2018))

    I didn't even know that SpongeBob episode existed.*I'm disturbed.*

  • Craig 2.5  (Mar 5, 2019))


  • Caleb Wright  (Feb 15, 2019))

    It’s a newer one

  • Awsamazing Eden  (Mar 21, 2018))

    Am I the only one who thought it was from something called 'Lots of Things?"

  • Hannah Baskins  (12 hours ago))

    Thiago same

  • steve lasagna  (6 days ago))

    Sounds like a 90s sitcom

  • Lubuzz Deawesome  (Dec 5, 2018))

    “Eggplant Parm. Deserves more attention and why is everyone laughing at me.” -Binging with Babish 2018

  • Cameron Samson  (Mar 5, 2019))

    Franklin Armendariz fun fact, the original name Andrew gave himself when he started BwB was Oliver Babish.

  • Franklin Armendariz  (Jan 22, 2019))

    Primo Antonius i thought it was (binging) Andrew (Babish) Rea

  • The last one  (Mar 21, 2018))

    The placement of the eggplant is💯🍆💦

  • Loc Vo  (Mar 8, 2019))

    I just ruined the number and turned it into 201!

  • PigPenguin91  (Jan 23, 2019))

    I was about to like your comment, but couldn't bear to change the number it's currently at.

  • Lil Broomstick  (Mar 20, 2018))

    In science class we learned that some people aren’t able to taste cilantro normally (tastes like soap) because of their genes, and immediatly I thought about Andrew and how he doesn’t have a palette for cilantro. You’re not alone.

  • Tortilla Chips  (Dec 24, 2018))

    No wonder! I thought it was just overhyped

  • Fluffymiyster  (Nov 16, 2018))

    +TheMidnightstar2 Great story :) I've never had cilantro but wow, of all the tastes I would've guessed for it, soap was NOT on the list! Now I'm curious to try it!

  • Shadowdroid776  (Mar 21, 2018))

    You know what you should try to make?Any food from Studio Ghibli films.

  • someone awesome  (Feb 22, 2019))

    +Leo The Weirdo if he makes it you certainly won't turn into a pig!

  • Leo The Weirdo  (Feb 5, 2019))

    Shadowdroid776 Spirited Away is one of my faves

  • G4Tanus  (Mar 3, 2019))

    “Before we start man handling our eggplant,” - Andrew Rea

  • Matthew Cafaro  (Jul 13, 2018))

    I wish you would've gotten into the nomenclature of why it's called "Parm," but given that you called it "parmesan," maybe you don't know? Veal and Eggplant Parma were the original dishes. Chicken came later. Meatball came later than that. They're called Veal, Eggplant, Chicken, or Meatball Parma or "Parm" because that's where they were created: Parma, Italy. This is also why dishes called Parma, erroneously called "parmesan" in America, feature MOZZARELLA inst...

  • Backari Cisse  (Jan 21, 2019))

    Learning with Mattish

  • bentleyr00d  (Oct 14, 2018))

    Matthew Cafaro It's not really erroneous to use the term "Parmesan" as it's simply another word for Parmigiano. It started in France but means the exact same thing. Under Italian law, only cheese produced in certain provinces may be labeled "Parmigiano-Reggiano," and European law classifies the name, as well as the translation "Parmesan," as a protected designation of origin. Everyone knows that Chicken Parmigiano was first made by Italian-Americans but both that na...

  • Synthicyde  (Mar 26, 2018))

    I think we need a That 70s Show special.

  • Sauce Stache  (Mar 20, 2018))

    That egg plant! It was very girthy

  • TJ’s Aviation  (Jan 19, 2019))

    Violently orange justices

  • SniffyActor9631  (Jan 12, 2019))

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)